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Vegan diet, 3 weeks in

Still going strong, making big high-carb meals with lots of varied vegetables.

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Natural instinct and the human diet

What should we eat? Is animal protein the cornerstone of a good diet? Do we require dairy in the form of cow’s milk? What are the health implications? Is a plant-based diet more natural? How do we cut through all the conflicting information from dieticians?

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Spiritual hoaxes and the suffering they inflict

Response to a viewer who is suffering the effects of false spiritual ideas.

Celebrate the (re)birth of the sun of God this Christmas

(Oops! I’m a little late posting this here. Well, better late than never.)

Why Christmas should be celebrated by the non-believer, but not by the Christian.

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For A: “If I admit I’ve rejected Islam, I’ll be executed.”

An agnostic from a Muslim background, living in Saudi Arabia, asks for advice.


The mythological significance of the vampire

Fictional characters sometimes form a mirror of something in our own psyche. What are your favourite movies and TV shows? More importantly: why?

Interviewed on Trans Resister Radio

I was recently a guest on Trans Resister Radio, hosted by Aaron Franz. We covered lots of topics, from self-publishing to psychokinesis.

Visit the show notes page.

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Sexuality: suppression vs. excess

A response to the video Porn Addictions by YouTube user shieldoftheson:

The dark side of religious community

Religion can appear to generate a caring community environment, like an extended family. It’s impressive – as long as you tow the party line. But it can all change in a heatbeat, when you find yourself no longer in the “in group.”

This is a video response to Earl Portland’s video “Imagine a world without religion.”

Character building opportunities from bullies & trolls

Why do bullies bully? Why do trolls troll? How should we respond effectively to their antagonism?


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