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Very exciting news!

I, Universe will be published in 2015 by Skylight Press.

(Note: Lately, I’ve neglected to mirror some recent YouTube videos on my WordPress blog. Rather than play catch-up here, I invite you to watch them on my YouTube channel.)

Happiness, singleness & middle age

Some reflections on romance, sex, marriage, and the lack thereof, from the perspective of a happy(ish) middle-aged single man.

Vegan diet, 3 weeks in

Still going strong, making big high-carb meals with lots of varied vegetables.

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Natural instinct and the human diet

What should we eat? Is animal protein the cornerstone of a good diet? Do we require dairy in the form of cow’s milk? What are the health implications? Is a plant-based diet more natural? How do we cut through all the conflicting information from dieticians?

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For A: “If I admit I’ve rejected Islam, I’ll be executed.”

An agnostic from a Muslim background, living in Saudi Arabia, asks for advice.


How does one “live life to the full”?

Some musings on what it means to live life to the full. Is it important, and what does it entail? I provide an uncommon answer.

Meditation in Christianity & Zen: an unexpected parallel

I discuss my recent dabbling into zazen meditation and make a comparison with my past experiences of devotional prayer as a Christian.

See also my review of Brad Warner’s Hardcore Zen.

How to meditate (without realising it)

Some thoughts on meditation, not as a formal practice, but as something we unconsciously integrate into our lives without realising we’re actually meditating.

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Sexuality: suppression vs. excess

A response to the video Porn Addictions by YouTube user shieldoftheson:


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