The universe is screwed (and what that means for YOU)

“Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.” Can there be ultimate meaning in a transient universe? We try to find significance in wealth, possessions, achievements, people, altruisic actions, but the whole notion of meaning through attainment is a red herring.

God versus Occam’s Razor

A discussion of monotheism, pantheism and panentheism, in light of science – in particular the law of conservation of energy and the Big Bang theory.

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When spirituality makes you want to die

Beliefs are not harmless things; they have a powerful effect on the mind. Recognising when a belief is wrong can be difficult, but if you find yourself in a bad psychological state, that may be a strong clue.


Uncovering the real nature of “time”

Are the past and future real?

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How to decide whether there is an afterlife

What would it really be like to accumulate memories for a trillion, trillion, trillion years?

Making sense of individuality in a non-dual universe

When consciousness is understood as the universe experiencing itself, rather than a localised unit of consciousness inhabiting a brain, how do we maintain the importance of our individuality?

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Consciousness is not a “thing”: the pitfall of language

How nouns (things) are subtle traps that cause us invent “things” out of thin air, when the “things” concerned may really be functions, not objects. Consciousness is a prime example.

Celebrate the (re)birth of the sun of God this Christmas

(Oops! I’m a little late posting this here. Well, better late than never.)

Why Christmas should be celebrated by the non-believer, but not by the Christian.

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The folly of the pursuit of holiness

Discussing the quest to attain an idealistic, superior (and unnatural) state of being.


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