Writing a new novel … finally!

The last entry on my website’s diary is dated 6 June 2003; that’s over seven months ago, I say to my shame. The reason for this gap is partly due to the hassle of having to code each diary entry in HTML and the restriction of being at my home computer whilst doing so. Hopefully this “blog” service will cure that. Now I’ve got the freedom to write new posts from any computer anywhere, using a simple web interface. So, welcome to my blog!

And what have I been doing for the past seven months? Readers of my diary will remember the sudden announcement that I had rededicated my life to God. Well, it has stood the test of time. I’ve rejoined Killicomaine Evangelical Church (where I used to attend for many years), and I’ve got involved with the work there – in particular doing Bible readings during the services and helping out with the children’s work. I’ve been reading several chapters of the Bible each day, and I’m rediscovering how amazing it is. I’m determined to have it all completed within a year, and right now I’m getting close. I’ve also been praying regularly, and I’ve seen some important prayers answered (most of which are too personal to mention).

One thing I was concerned about, regarding my new-found faith, was whether it would put a stop to my creativity. That might seem a strange worry, but it has happened in the past. And sure enough, for the second half of 2003, I didn’t do much creatively. Zeal for God can sometimes consume a lot of time, to the point of blotting out other good things in your life. However, over the Christmas holiday, I settled down in front of the word processor and wrote a 5,000-word essay called The Tooth Gremlin. It’s a fairly personal one, about a painful experience that a lot of good came from. Haven’t decided exactly what to do with it yet, but it’ll probably end up on the website.

But what of my fiction writing? Will there be another novel? To that, I would tentatively answer, “Yes.” I’ve had the synopsis for something worked out for many months. Andrew Harrison and I were strongly considering making this one into a movie, but after the last one (Saul’s Pupils), I can’t face the strain of the film-making process right now. Off the cuff, I decided to start putting the story together in novel form. And it just happens to be working really well. I’m chipping away at it most days, and I’ll have an excerpt for you soon. The title is Shadow of the Dead. It’s a zombie story, in the vein of George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. Does the world need yet another zombie story? Well, this one’s coming at it from a unique angle that nobody has tried before.

While we’re on the subject of zombies, I’ll just mention that I’ve recently converted Zombie Genocide to DVD. It’s a film made by Andrew and myself in 1993. Very tacky, but full of charm. All the details are at www.midnightpictures.co.uk.

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