First short story in four years

Yesterday I sat down at the computer and started writing my first short story in over four years. Every idea I’ve had since Terror on Tarthlogue Road (Christmas 1999) seems to want to expand itself into a novel, so it was an elating experience to finally put something short together. I used to be a member of a couple of writers organisations, where I’d see all these short story markets and I’d be frustrated that I had nothing to contribute. Finally, that’s changed! Well, nearly. I was all keyed up for finishing the story last night but a friend called round, curse his name (just kidding, Chris).

I think this sudden interest in the short story format has been brought on by a collection I’m reading at the moment: Different Kinds of Darkness by David Langford, full of quirky little sci-fi ideas (expect a review soon).

My story is called Calling All Time Travellers, and I’m hoping it will be the first of many. It’s kills me that I can’t just post it straight onto the site, but I have to do the sensible thing and try to get it published in a magazine. I’ll keep you posted.

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