Reading the Bible

In May last year, shortly after I put things right with God, I felt a bit lost at sea; all the important stuff I had learned about the Christian life in past years had now become vague memories. I remembered times when I was especially close to God, and it seemed like I knew him really well. But now God’s character was obscure; I didn’t quite know what he was like or what sort of things I could count on him for. That’s what I got for spending years ignoring him, I guess. So, I wanted to kickstart my relationship with him again, and fast. I starting reading the Bible again and made a commitment to get through the whole lot – something I’d never managed before. Crossed the finish line at Easter this year. Feels good to have read “the whole counsel of God.” Now, if you asked me to give an outline of, say, the book of Habakkuk, I’d be scratching my head, but I’ve realised from experience that things are going into your mind without you even realising it. Sometimes a particular circumstance will come your way and suddenly something you’ve read in the Bible will jump into your mind and help you out. Mind you, there’s no doubt I have forgotten plenty. So, got to keep reading! I imagine there will never come a day when I can say I’ve read it enough. And I don’t begrudge that. Sometimes it’s hard to read the Bible, and you’ve just got to treat it like homework, but other times it’s amazing.

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