Midnight Pictures on the rise

Things have really taken on with the little film company Midnight Pictures Ltd, which Andrew Harrison and I look after. To summarise, we’ve got ourselves an agent in America; we’ve sold TV rights for one of our films to Mexico; we’ve had a recent article in the Observer & Newsletter newspapers; we’ve got someone in the BBC who wants to make a documentary on us. Unbelievable. The future of Midnight Pictures has always been an uncertainty (because we never had any money), but I really think it’s possible that in the next few years we’ll be able to finance and produce a professional feature-length film (which we are almost certain will be Shadow of the Dead). Oh, and did I forget to mention? We are about 80% through the shooting of our new short film Don’t Look in the Attic. Local folks should expect a premiere at Portadown Rugby Club in a couple of months time. We’ll also get a DVD out, and possibly a lower quality downloadable version.

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