Man’s best friend

I’m planning to get a dog, a Siberian Husky to be precise. My parents and relatives all think I’m mad to throw away my independence in order to look after a canine. But to be honest, living on your own, being responsible to no one but yourself, kind of messes with your mind. Not just the loneliness, but it gets far too easy to toss personal discipline out the window and vegetate in front of the telly or computer. I think having a dog would be good for me, both for company and to devote time and energy to. The Siberian Husky’s wolfish looks are what drew me to this breed. I’ve since done some research on their temperament, and now I want one more than ever.

Last Friday a friend put me in touch with a Sibe owner. I went round to visit the dog and see one first-hand. Dakota is a two-year old Husky. Outdoors, she plays a game where the green belongs to her, and anyone who’s on it gets pushed off (in a friendly way). Well, I tried the game. The dog rushed towards me like a bullet and knocked me right off my feet. I landed heavily on my shoulder and could sleep that night till 3.00am with a sore neck. And if that hasn’t put me off Siberian Huskies, nothing will!

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