New novel in the works

Yesterday, I knuckled down to writing the first chapter of a new novel, around 600 words. But today, the writing bug really took hold and I churned out almost 3000 words. I was quite apprehensive about getting this one off the ground because some of the details were quite sketchy in my mind. Now I’m realising that’s a dumb attitude, because you never fully realise a novel until it’s written, and seeing it all gradually come together is the whole excitement of the writing process. I’m really pleased with this one so far.

Like Ulterior, it’s another school novel, but completely unconnected from the first novel. I’ve been toying with various titles. One that I like is White, but that’s already a novel by Tim Lebbon. Another I like is The White Cage, but my current preference is Snowball in Hell. The idea is one I came up with a couple of years ago, whilst out walking in the snow at night. And like all good ideas, it gets better with age. I’ll not give much away about the story at this stage, suffice to say that it has something to do with snow. The first line of the book is In school, everyone can hear you scream. No prizes for guessing that this sentence is a variation on the tagline from the movie Alien: In Space, no one can hear you scream.

The story feels novella length to me at the moment, so I’ll have a decision to make later whether to publish it as a novella or as part of a short story collection.

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