Moving house

I have finally gotten the courage to put my home on the market. I’ve been trying to move since last summer, but invariably I got outbid. This time I decided to put my own house on the market, without having a place to go, in the hope that somewhere suitable will turn up. In other words, use a little faith, for once. Here’s the listing.

The main problem with where I live at present is that it’s in the neighbourhood of the school where I work. That means there are about five hundred or so kids who know me in the area. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my job, and I love working with kids. But when you’re outdoors, on their turf, things are different. You get the friendly ones, who’ll say hello, and that’s great. Then you get the shy ones who don’t know how to react when they see you outside; they’re OK. But one of the worst reactions is a kind of snobbery, where the kid pretends you don’t exist. That one is beaten only by the kid who shouts obscenities at you from across the street (and of course it’s always from across the street). Thankfully that’s only happened once. The conclusion to this is that you can’t help tensing up a little when you leave your house. I hate feeling that way. And besides, I miss my old neighbourhood; I miss being within walking distance of my friends; I miss all the old routes I used to run and cycle.

Well, I am currently bidding on a property. We’ll see what happens. God willing, it will work out.

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