Resurrecting an old Saul’s Pupils DVD sleeve

Saul’s Pupils was originally released as a two-disc DVD set, with a cover designed by Simon “Spartacus” Fleming. When Philip Topping (who runs Eclipse Creative) created a new edition of the DVD, he designed a new cover to match, which we’ve been using for the past couple of years.

I decided to shake the dust off Simon’s old cover and give people the choice of printing whichever design is their favourite. Unfortunately, this was easier said than done, because Simon’s sleeve features the words “TWO DISC SET” splashed across the front and a different list of extras on the back. All I had to work with was a JPEG source, which meant that the text was locked into the picture; I couldn’t edit it, move it, or remove it. However, I managed to fix these problems by spending a couple of hours with Photoshop’s “Clone Stamp” tool. This is an excellent feature for hiding cracks in old photos, or for removing unwanted lamp-posts from the front of buildings, or for transplanting someone’s head onto somebody else’s shoulders (depending on your mood).

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