Chionophobia cover design – Part III

More than one person suggested that the dead kid on my design needed more work to make him blend into the photo. And the main problem with Mark’s design seemed to be the need for something extra, such as a child’s hand on the snow, or a shadow falling over the picture.

I’m torn between my own design and Mark’s, so I’ve had a go at designing a hybrid version of the two (click picture to expand). Usually that’s a bad approach, because you’ll end up with two scenes competing for the viewer’s attention, but because Mark’s design is so subtle, I think it works.

I spent one whole morning going through the entire database at 1001 Free Fonts. What I was looking for was something clear, futuristic, and exuding a sense of threat. I’m trying out a font called Ethnocentric, which appealed to me from yesterday’s Mind’s Eye cover design. I think it strikes a good balance between clarity and style.

My friend Earl had this to say about an early version of the hybrid cover: “A monstrous mutation of the two, almost Frankensteinian in nature.” Cheek! Actually his point is well taken. After several revisions, I’m now getting good reports from all parties about this design, so I think I’ve nailed it.

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