Saul’s Pupils II screenplay by Michael Quayle

I have the pleasure of sharing with you a screenplay for a sequel to our film Saul’s Pupils, written by Michael Quayle. It gave Andrew and I a real buzz to think that someone out there was impressed enough with our film to dedicate time and energy into the writing of a sequel. There are no plans for Midnight Pictures to make Saul’s Pupils II, but we’d like Michael’s story to get exposure in one form or another. So, you can download the screenplay (it’s an RTF document, which can be opened in any word processor). Readers, we’d love to hear what you think. Please post your comments to the blog.

One thought on “Saul’s Pupils II screenplay by Michael Quayle

  1. Now that was good, does anybody knows where I could get the first Sauls Pupil, I think I need an adult, don’t I? I think it would be a good idea to film the sequel.

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