God’s free gifts

I’ve been swindled three times this year so far. Back in January an eBay gangster refused me a refund to the tune of £70. Lately, when I moved into my new house, I had to pay £310 to get the oil burner replaced due to the negligence of the previous owner. Then I purchased a wardrobe, which turned out to be so badly made that I arranged for a refund, and the shop held back a £50 “handling fee” (so called). Pah! But you know something? None of it really matters.

I’ve been doing a lot of cycling lately, winding my way around the country roads not far from where I live. I like nothing better than a warm day, with the sun shining down, the wind in my face, and the green countryside all around me. This kind of thing is one of God’s many free gifts to mankind. And we take it for granted, don’t we? Actually, having greatly missed living at this end of town for the past three years, I’m certainly not taking it for granted at the moment. I’m realising afresh just how important these gifts are – way more important than how much money I’ve got sitting in my bank account. Those small financial losses I suffered seem even smaller when I think about the things that God gives freely to us. You can’t put the countryside in a cage and call it your own; it’s a feast for the eyes that God gives to everyone, and it seems much more important to me than all our obsessing over wealth and the ownership of things. There is so much enjoyment to be had in life that has nothing whatsoever to do with getting.

2 thoughts on “God’s free gifts

  1. A.P. Fuchs

    It’s interesting you wrote about this as my most recent entry deals with the same thing. More hard-edged, but the same.

    And you’re right in what you say, Darryl. Too many are focusing on the getting rather than the giving. But I also say that putting forth that I’m sometimes guilty of that too.

  2. Darryl Sloan

    Spooky how both our posts ended on the same note about giving.

    I’m guilty, too. We all are. The whole essense of sin is self, after all. And sin, as we all know, is mankind’s big problem. It’s no small thing to lead a life characterised by giving, and I’m nowhere near the mark. But at least I know the goal and can work towards it.

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