"Captain Curtis, The Untold Story" wins the League of Freemen contest

I’m thrilled to report that my story “Captain Curtis, The Untold Story” came first place in the annual competition at The League of Freemen (fan club for the TV series The Tripods). The photo shows one of the items I won. Doesn’t seem like a big deal, but these posters are actually super-rare. I’ve searched eBay for Tripods memorabilia many times over the years, and I’ve never seen this up for auction. The reason for its rarity is possibly becuase the only place you could buy one back in the mid-1980s (when the series was televised) was the BBC Shop. But the poster is not of value to me because of its monetary worth. The Tripods ranks among my personal top five sci-fi shows of all time, and that makes this poster special.

It’s actually quite a striking image, right up there with the four book covers I discussed in a previous post about memorable cover designs. Big sinister metal machine stalking across the River Thames, with Parliament and Big Ben in the background. Easily mistaken as an interpretation of The War of the Worlds, but never mind about that. I’ll be getting this framed and hung in the living room.

14 thoughts on “"Captain Curtis, The Untold Story" wins the League of Freemen contest

  1. James Maxon

    Cool! Nice poster. How big is it? I have a Tripods T-Shirt from the 80s which I keep as memorabilia myself.

    Oh, and Congratulations!

  2. Michael Reed

    Good work. Well done.

    I’ve got a mixed relationship with Tripods myself as I only have a copy of the rather wobbly series 1 and I haven’t read any of the books. The basic setup scenario is great though and I often fantasize about making a tripods series as I’m walking around doing other things 🙂

  3. Darryl Sloan

    Thanks, guys.

    James, the poster is about A2. Apparently one of those T-shirts is on the way, too! Child size unfortunately.

    Mike, series two is quite different from the first. Very space-age, as opposed to treks through the countryside. The books are awesome; I’ve read them many times.

  4. Jeffrey Allen Davis

    Congratulations! I just wished that I’d heard about this series before your blog.

  5. Darryl Sloan

    The Tripods is a wonderful TV show. It has its critics, but if you love the “boy’s adventure” genre, it’s perfect. I used to have dreams about Tripods!

    I imagine The Tripods is virtually unknown in the USA. If you’d like to learn a little about it, check out http://www.thetripods.org. The original novels by John Christopher are also wonderful.

  6. Got a T-shirt (child sized!), sew-on badge and press pack. The poster was what I was really after.

    It’s a brilliant TV series. It came out when I was about twelve, and I’ve loved it ever since, and never tired of watching it. Here it is on YouTube, if you want to check it out:


    It was based on a book called The White Mountains by John Christopher, part of a trilogy.

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