Chion is here!

The proof copy of the novel arrived today, and I’m thrilled to see it in actual book form. As well as the photo on the right, here’s one of the back cover and one of the inside text. Lightning Source did a great job.

So, I’m now accepting orders. The price of the book is £3.99 + postage: £0.70 for the UK; £1.80 for the rest of Europe; £2.50 for the USA, Canada, Australia, and everywhere else in the world (if you wish to use US dollars as your PayPal currency, the total including shipping is $12.99). When paying by PayPal, send to my email address as quoted on the sidebar. If sending a cheque or postal order, email me privately for my postal address.

I’ll be placing a large order with the printers tomorrow morning, so you won’t have long to wait.

18 thoughts on “Chion is here!

  1. will hadcroft

    Darryl, it looks terrific, inside and out. I bet you can’t stop picking it up and flicking through it (I’m speaking from experience!).

    I very much look forward to holding a copy of my own, signed, of course.

  2. Chris

    Yay! Looks good, apart from the picture of that creepy looking guy on the back cover (btw, you look even creepier in your Blogger head shot – it’s the goatee). 🙂

    When’s my copy going to be in the post? Can’t wait to get my hands on it…

  3. Darryl Sloan


    You’re right, I do. I was walking around with a grin on my face for an hour or two yesterday afternoon.

    One slight worry I had was whether the blood spatter would come out looking more like strawberry jam. Mark’s original cover graphic was in RGB format, and I had some issues with colour when I converted it to CMYK. In the end, it came out fine.

  4. Darryl Sloan


    Creepy?! Dude, that’s a genuine smile you’re looking at; Aaron was making me laugh at the time. Now I know why I rarely have any luck with the ladies. 😉

    I’ll post your copy as soon as I get my hands on it.

  5. James Maxon

    Wow, it’s been awhile since I visited your site, and now you have your book all ready! I really gotta catch up on your posts 🙂

    Good work! The cover came out great! I really do like this font better than the other one. Is it just the angle of the book, or did you end up moving the title higher up? Also, I think the other text at the top looks better centered. Overall it came out looking just right.

    For US do you mean $2.50? Or 1 UK£ = 1.9496 US$ meaning it’s $4.87? Either way I’d like to get a copy too 🙂 I just have to ask, how are you able to see them so cheap?

  6. Darryl Sloan

    Hi, James.

    Yes, I think I ended up moving the title a little higher, as well as a few other minor adjustments, like intensifying the blood. I put a lot of work into the back cover, too, because I think you’ve got to go the extra mile if you want to keep a person’s attention once they lift a book from a shelf (although my photo might scare them away).

    I quoted the US price in pounds because PayPal allows US citizens to pay in pounds and will auto-convert the amount to the appropriate figure in dollars. But you’ve got me thinking maybe I should quote dollars for convenience. I’ll amend the post.

    I can do the copies so cheap because I’m dealing with the POD printing firm (Lightning Source) direct, rather than using an existing POD publisher (e.g. iUniverse, LuLu, etc.). Plus I’m establishing a direct author-customer relationship, rather than going through Amazon.

    Thanks for your support.

  7. James Maxon

    I just remember you saying, “I’m sold on keeping the title in the centre, I’m afraid.” LOL! For some reason my eye wanted it higher at the time. I have to say your hard work paid off, as I said, it looks great.

    Lightning Source huh? So how does that work? Do you get a price based on volume? Do you have to put up a chunk of change initially? With Amazon, how much would it cost to go thru them? What if instead of selling it thru Amazon direct, you enter it in there as a seller? That way you have an Amazon search record, but the user just clicks on the link, “Available from these sellers”. I’m just wondering because Amazon seems like a good place to have a book posted.

    Besides this site, word of mouth, and people you know: how do you plan on marketing it? Sorry for all the questions, but I’m curious of your strategy, since I have future plans of publishing myself.

    Since you are using PayPal, can’t you just put a link on your site that directs to ordering the books? That might be a good way to get users there directly.

  8. A.P.

    The book looks incredibly great, Darryl! Truly. I’ve been waiting for this one for a while.

    I’m going to go check my Paypal account to see what I have in there and if I have enough, I’ll send you the funds for a personally inscribed copy. If not, I will do so soon enough.

  9. Darryl Sloan


    Yeah, you were right about the positioning. It was just something that happened in the fine-tuning without me really thinking about it. Although the camera angle is deceptive.

    Regarding Lightning Source, I plan to do a lengthy post soon that will answer much of what you’re asking. Stay tuned.

  10. Adam

    The moment i have been waiting for has finally arrived. I can’t wait to read it after hearing so much about it.

    The cover looks brilliant and in general the quality of the book looks really good.

    Can’t wait to get me a signed copy.

  11. Darryl Sloan

    Thanks, Adam. I’ll be round soon with your copy, possibly as early as Tuesday of next week, according to the printers.

  12. Anonymous

    thanks for the e-mail regarding your new book, will be ordering my copy as soon, will this one be signed for me too… e-bay name! still not telling you what it means though.


  13. nicky dowey

    Your book sounds really good, but im not into sci-fi myself so won’t be buying it, but will tell anyone I know to buy it who likes that type of novel.

  14. V Woollon

    Loved the look of the book: nice cover photo, not over explanatory and good quality paper. So, a good start!
    It’s as cheap as chips and *such* a good read. It took me back to my teen years, when, as a Tripods fan, I was reading as much young adult sci-fi as I could get hold of (John Christopher and John Wyndham being my favourites.)
    Chion has a tangible atmosphere and pacy plot, the science bits ring true, the main characters are likeable and believable. Unlike many sci-fi novels it didn’t go overboard with the horror angle. It was simply a very enjoyable read! Thanks for the experience.
    PS, I hope I haven’t made too many grammatical errors!
    PPS, my 60something Mother read it even quicker than I did and was also impressed.

  15. Darryl Sloan

    Thanks for the detailed comments, Vicky; they’re a real encouragement to me. Glad you had a good time.

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