Eason backs Chion

Northern Ireland’s biggest bookchain is Eason, with over thirty stores across the province. Yesterday, I received word back from the Head Buyer, authorising the sale of Chion in all the stores. The next step is for me to contact each branch individually and ask them how many (if any) copies of the book they will accept. With Ulterior back in 2002, some stores took as few as five copies, while others wanted as many as twenty; I sold over three hundred books in one day! Hopefully I will have the same experience with Chion. And this is where I realise that I should have thrown caution to the wind and ordered five hundred copies from Lightning Source, instead of two hundred and fifty. But no matter; I can order more as and when required.

A few hours after hearing from the Eason Head Office, I was delighted to receive an email from one of the local stores, asking for ten copies. It was a really nice surprise for a bookshop to ask me for my book before I’ve even had a chance to approach the bookshop. That’s the beauty of having done this before: awareness of my identity already exists, to some extent.

Online sales are also going well. All in all, I’m having a great experience thus far.

4 thoughts on “Eason backs Chion

  1. Jeffrey Allen Davis

    Wow. Bookstore chains in the U.S. aren’t that open to self-published books. Borders often takes months before the book is even in their systems and B&N will usually only special order such books, unless the author is local.

  2. Darryl Sloan

    I think it has to a lot to do with me being in Northern Ireland. First, there’s not a lot of publishing going on here, so when a new author sprouts up, it’s always news. My mate Philip Henry (who lives here) even got a spot on the TV news for his novel Vampire Dawn.

    Also, it’s worth remembering that N.I. has come through some rough times in the past 30-40 years. People here love to see positive things happening here.

  3. A.P. Fuchs

    Darryl, if you need more copies, remember LSI is having a sale right now so you can get bulk copies at discount. More profit for you that way. Heads up.

  4. Darryl Sloan

    Thanks, A.P. LSI was actually kind enough to offer me 20% on my order 250, which was fantastic. Great company.

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