Last ever copies of Ulterior

I’m aware that some of those reading Chion haven’t read my first novel Ulterior, so I thought it was worth mentioning that the last ever copies of Ulterior are those still in stock at the American online bookstore When I say “last ever,” I mean that I have no firm plans to bring the book back for a second edition. The first edition sold over 1,000 copies before going out of print. The fact that it hardly ever shows up on eBay (despite numerous copies being sold by that means) is testament to how well liked it was.

So, if you’re in the USA and you’re enjoying Chion, there’s an opportunity to purchase Ulterior at for $11.99, while stocks last.

Appended 1 Feb 2007:

UK fans needn’t despair. I forgot all about the fact that there are a few copies of Ulterior listed on Amazon UK’s Used & New section.

6 thoughts on “Last ever copies of Ulterior

  1. A.P. Fuchs

    I got my copy at Shocklines. Man, was it worth it. Come on, people! Grab a copy of Darryl’s debut book before it’s gone-gone-gone forever!

  2. James Maxon

    I was thinking about asking you for a copy of your first book too. Thanks for posting, I put my order through.

  3. Darryl Sloan

    That’s great, James. Hey, it will be interesting if you choose to read Ulterior after reading Chion. There are some overlapping elements, and I think it will be cool for you to encounter them in the opposite order – seriously! Kind of like Lucas starting with Star Wars episode IV.

  4. James Maxon

    Cool! And I was thinking they were separate stories. I loved the StarWars concept. I also liked how The Tripods put the reader right into ‘a story in progress’, making their present World a mystery. Even though John Christopher wrote a prequel, I still recommend that people read it last.

  5. Darryl Sloan

    Chion is not a sequel to Ulterior. The two stories stand perfectly well apart. However, each book casts more than a passing glance at the other. For instance, you will encounter a scene in Chion where Jamie’s father is staring at a photograph. Be sure and remember all the details. Later, when you read the opening newspaper report at the beginning of Ulterior, you might raise an eyebrow.

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