Chion now in three local bookstores

Just a quick note to those living in and around Portadown. Chion is now in place, on the shelves of our three local Eason stores: in High Street Mall, Meadows Shopping Centre, and Rushmere Shopping Centre.

(Sadly, Jeffers newsagent, which was responsible for selling a fabulous 80 copies of Ulterior a few years ago, is no more.)

4 thoughts on “Chion now in three local bookstores

  1. will hadcroft

    Congratulations on getting it into the shops.

    I’ll be driving my wife to the doctor’s tomorrow night. Chion will be the reading material whilst in the waiting room. Looking forward to getting lost in your story.

  2. Anonymous

    First time posting to the site but have been a viewer for quite a while now.

    Just recieved my copy of ‘Chion’ in the post Darryl , many thanks for such a speedy service.

    Its next in my to read list, looking forward to it.

    Looking about for a copy of Ulterior now. I’ve spotted a couple on ebay lately…. maybe I’ll be lucky.


  3. Darryl Sloan

    Thanks, Rubbertoebooks(?!)

    Remember you can add the phrase “ulterior sloan” to your favourite searches on eBay, so that you will be notified if/when the book turns up.

    And it just occurred to me, there are several copies of Ulterior on eBay UK’s “Used and New” section. Check out this link.

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