Chion rated A+ at The PODler

I’ve just submitted Chion to several review blogs dedicated exclusively to print-on-demand books. The first review is in, from The PODler, and what a review! Here are a few excerpts:

Chion starts with a brief, one page, exchange that gives us a hint of some unimaginable disaster having struck the world. In cinematic fashion, we enter the action of chapter one as Jamie Metcalfe and other kids of [his] school hear screams coming from outside, where a few of their mates have been stuck to the ground by what appears to be ordinary snow. When Alex Vennard touches a flake, however, he learns that whatever this stuff is, it is definitely not snow. In fact, it is something that grips his hand and won’t let go. In desperate attempt, inspired by mounting panic, his teacher pours hot water on it, hoping to melt it, but the stuff will not. In a fit of panic, Alex frees himself by tearing off a bit of his skin. How can you NOT keep on reading?

I found myself really wanting to know the answers to the questions that have been posed by the story. I think the reason for this lies in the high concept: adhesive snow – this is the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters … But there is more to this novel than just a high concept. Inside the school, trapped by the weird snow, a genuine, beautifully evoked, human drama unfolds … Unlike much of Christian fiction, there is no heavy proselytizing here, no dogma being pushed on the reader. Instead the focus is on the timeless themes of love, sacrifice, and faith that any human being appreciates and believes in..

I think this is a book that exemplifies the very best of POD.

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4 thoughts on “Chion rated A+ at The PODler

  1. podlingmaster

    I’ve already heard the podcast sample which may have me sneaking this one ahead for review–very intriguing and a well done podcast I plan to make mention of in the review as well–it’s innovations like this that set some authors apart from the pack.

  2. Darryl Sloan

    Thanks, Podlingmaster. I hope you enjoy the book.

    Feel free to include a direct link to the MP3 file itself on your blog, if you wish.

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