New Ulterior cover – Part I

Jerry from Irish Eyes Creations created this wonderful looking beast for a new edition Ulterior that I hope to publish soon. Yes, my first novel will hopefully be back in print again; the fact that I ran out of books before I ran out of demand is reason enough to publish a second edition. But not with that same old cover, oh no. If there’s any weak spot on the original design, it’s the creature’s head. I haven’t got the artistic skills to put together a convincingly professional monster. But Jerry has, as you can see. I think it looks fabulous. Jerry is putting together a full cover design of his own, but he has been kind enough to let me play with the creature, in case I opt for one of my own overall designs. This is a first attempt, based on an early mock-up from last year. There’s a lot of detail here, so make sure you click through to the large picture for the full impact. I intend to do a lot more experimenting (as I did with Chion) before settling on a final design. Hope you’ll share your opinions, as we go through the process.

9 thoughts on “New Ulterior cover – Part I

  1. A.P. Fuchs

    I think it looks fantastic as is, Darryl, but, of course, feel free to post your other ideas as well.

  2. James

    The monster looks cool. As a PhotoShop’er (I just got the CS3 upgrade at work, yea!) I want to know how he did it! Your mockup with the monster in the school looks good. For some reason, whenever I see a lens-flare, I think it takes down the quality a bit. But that’s probably because I used to use it all the time myself. I’m curious to see the full piece that Jerry comes up with.

    I’m reading your Ulterior book now. I got one of your last copies. So far it’s really good. I notice the writing seemed more “fine-tuned” in your CHION one, but it still flows well in Ulterior. It keeps me wanting to read more. It’s interesting seeing some of the same character names that were in CHION. It makes me fell like I know them already. All but this Sloan guy that sits behind a desk, holding the keys to the lab, who’s that? What happened to him in CHION? 😉

    It’s interesting you have the computer lab theft. When I was in college we had that happen to our Computer Animation lab. One of the teachers was let go, as he was suspected as one of the culprits. This was a guy who would tell us to scan a key on a flatbed, cut it out, and then take it down to a buddy who works at a hardware store. He said they can follow along the cutout to make a new key. I wonder if that had something to do with them suspecting him, ha!

    ~ James

  3. Earl

    It looks like the creature still has only milk teeth, and instead of being carnivorous it is probably more at home noshing on Cow & Gate (baby food). However, if you accentuated the gnashers by making them too large that wouldn’t work either, in my opinion. Sorry if that sounded somewhat acerbic, but on a positive note, overall, I think the cover is quite striking and compelling enough for to make me pause to have a second look.

  4. Lee

    I like the cover a lot but wonder if the monster ought to be even less defined – more for the imagination, so to speak.

    When Corvus, my new one is done, I’m tempted to ask Jerry for a hand in its cover

  5. Darryl Sloan


    I’m a big fan of the old lens flare, I’m afraid. I like the effect of it behind the letter “I”. I think that’s one feature that’s going to stay.

    Glad you’re enjoying Ulterior. Yeah, I left “that guy Sloan” out of Chion; I felt I had been self-indulgent enough.

  6. Darryl Sloan


    You make a good point about the teeth, but I do kind of like them as is. Jerry has agreed to do a little more experimenting, so we’ll use whatever comes out best. He says the present teeth were taken from a piranha!

  7. Darryl Sloan


    Yes, I too prefer the creature fading into the ceiling in see-through fashion. After all, I’m not trying to say that it’s actually floating there in the corridor. This is clearly a montage of two images.

    However, what I lose by fading the creature is a significant degree of visual impact, which, when selling books, is paramount. I need to make the cover as attention-grabbing as I possibly can. As a compromise, you’ll notice that the creature becomes faded towards the edges of its form.

    Good luck with your novel!

  8. How much does “Irish Eyes Creations” cost? After seeing the site, I can’t help but wonder if it would be within my budget if I choose to go the self-publishing route with one of my own novels. 🙂

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