8 new book reviews

I’ve added eight new book reviews to Darryl’s Library:

  • Survival Op: The Fear in the Wilderness by Scott Allen
  • The Dawkins Delusion? by Alister McGrath
  • Have Space Suit – Will Travel by Robert A. Heinlein
  • L.A. Stalker by David Kilpatrick
  • An Exorcist Tells His Story by Gabriele Amorth
  • Ultraviolet by Lesley Howarth
  • Antarktos Rising by Jeremy Robinson
  • The Road by Cormac McCarthy

David Kilpatrick has kindly allowed his novel L.A. Stalker to be made available for free download on my Book Downloads page.

The strangest thing happened when I uploaded my review of An Exorcist Tells His Story. My post was quickly spotted by a popular Roman Catholic website called Spirit Daily. The site posted a link to my review with the words “Protestant lauds exorcism book.” As a result, people flocked to the review and started writing comments. I had over 3,000 views in a single day, and ended up with over 180 comments posted. For a brief time, the post actually attained the number 1 spot on WordPress’s Top 100 Posts page, against 1.6 million registered blogs. Before now, I doubt I’ve even registered in the top 1,000.

It’s weird how you can spend several years honing a personal website and promoting it, making only tiny steps in popularity. Then, on a whim, a year ago you decide to set up a separate blog just to shine a little light on some book reviews you’ve written. You do practically nothing to promote it, and yet, by a sheer fluke, you’re number one on WordPress. Surreal.

3 thoughts on “8 new book reviews

  1. Darryl,
    Now that you have returned to obscurity perhaps my interest will seem a bit more genuine. I hope that you keep honing your skills and using your God-given abilities. Have you ever read anything by G. K. Chesterton? What we read influences so much of how we think. I have never read a clearer thinker or writer. Try reading Orthodoxy or Everlasting Man. He also wrote the Father Brown mystery series, which are great fun.
    David Ulmer

  2. Darryl,

    Part of the surge probably had to do with wordpress putting your blog on the very top of its page, under “hawt blogs” – perhaps landing there because of and after its initial surge to number one. That is how I arrived there. It is the first thing I saw when I logged into my account that day.

    -Kerry McGuirl

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