The Ballycastle sea monster arrives

On Friday evening Andrew Harrison and I travelled up to Ballycastle for the premiere of The Siren, a movie we made a few weeks earlier with the town’s filmmaking club. We had a brilliant turnout – over fifty bums on seats. The film went down a treat, generating a lot of (intended) laughter, and a hearty round of applause. It’s a wonderful feeling to see people get so much enjoyment out of something you’ve toiled over. Philip Henry, the man who wrote the novel on which our movie is based, also attended the event. I’ve corresponded with Phil online for several years, and it was great to finally meet him.

Aside from a few pre-production shots, the whole movie was shot in one day over a mere five or six hours. Amazingly, it’s about thirteen minutes long. I hope you enjoy The Siren as much as our little gathering did …

Chapter 1 of 2:

Chapter 2 of 2:

5 thoughts on “The Ballycastle sea monster arrives

  1. Awesome! But what is the significance of “the fingers” that the boy gave to the girl who liked him? Also, is the hand that you guys used the same one as from “Attic?”

    How’s everything going?

  2. The significance of the fingers? Just that the boy is a rude dude. I have a feeling you may have watched clip 2 without clip 1.

    Yep, it’s the very same hand from Don’t Look in the Attic.

    Glad you enjoyed it, Jeff.

  3. Gordy Crozier

    Hey well done to all those involved, a great wee film. Good to see more young people getting interested in making video/short films. At the moment trying to set up short film programme in the drop-in i run and will be pointing people towards this website as an example of what can be done. Kudos to Darryl and the film club!

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