Chion wins International Print-on-Demand Book Award

My novel Chion gained a stunning review in April 2007 on a site specialising in self-published novels: The PODler. Today, The PODler announced Chion as its book of the year – the International Print-on-Demand Book Award – out of 29 titles reviewed in 2007. There were plenty of A-rated titles that could have won, not least of which was the very successful Antarktos Rising by Jeremy Robinson. But I’m pleased as punch that my little baby was picked.

11 thoughts on “Chion wins International Print-on-Demand Book Award

  1. Mike

    Well done Darryl, there’s nothing better for motivation, than having your work praised in such an unbiased way.

  2. Just found this, Darryl. Congratulation. You must be feeling quite proud. Getting your book read is one thing, getting it acclaimed is another. Well done.

  3. Briel

    Hi. I read your book. I really liked it. Truly. However (and you knew that was coming) I have a question. Since [SPOILER DELETED]

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