Psychokinesis, after three weeks of training

My first post on psychokinesis (or telekinesis) generated a lot of controversy. I’ve been practising it on a daily basis since then. Well, “practising” is maybe too rich a word; “staring at an unmoving object” is maybe a more accurate description of my general activity, interspersed with occasional weak signs of apparent success. Then, twenty-one days after starting, I experienced a major breakthrough which was so significant that I had to grab the camera.

The first video is a preamble that I recorded after filming parts 2 and 3. I urge you to watch it and not skip ahead, as it gives me an opportunity to get some things off my chest and to present my personal attitude to the experiment. Somehow it was better to say it than write it. Consider it my first video log …

Part 1 of 2:

Part 2 of 2:

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62 thoughts on “Psychokinesis, after three weeks of training

  1. mike q says:

    What’s that old saying, once you have removed all the possibilities, the one that remains, no matter how strange, will be the answer.

    1. Air currents, since the wheel always moves in the same direction we can discount that one.

    2, breath, it would explain the random stop start effect, especially when your hands are moved closer, it would create a wind tunnel effect directing the small air movement towards the wheel, which being made of foil wouldn’t require much of an air current to move it. But the wheel still moves when it is placed near you forehead, no chance of breath effecting it there.

    3, heat, but heat wouldn’t explain it only moving in one direction, try your hand on the other side, see if “heat” pulls it in that direction, nor does it explain how the wheel moves when no hands are present.

    I think the big test would be placing the wheel inside a clear container, perhaps one of those blank dvd towers. That would illiminate heat, air current, breathing. That may be a step up in abilities but it would provide conclusive proof I feel.

  2. Darryl Sloan says:

    “I think the big test would be placing the wheel inside a clear container, perhaps one of those blank dvd towers. That would illiminate heat, air current, breathing. That may be a step up in abilities but it would provide conclusive proof I feel.”

    I feel that this is an ability which is improving with practice. Hopefully I’ll be able to achieve results with what you suggest, in time.

  3. Ralph says:

    First of all Daryl, I must say that the things you’ve discussed on your blog and the works you created are really inspiring to me. Being a multimedia student with a personal interest in film your movies give me a drive to produce a no-budget movie. Not for fame or glory but for plain fun. Also your post called ‘How to slowly kill yourself and your children’ really was an eyeopener for me. Did I actually know what I was eating, and why was I eating food that my body did not require or for that matter even be harmful? -So this set me out on a quest to better, not only my body, but myself as a person. As small as your contribution might be it was drop that made the bucket run over, as we say in the Netherlands. So as of late I’ve been adjusting my eating habits and started meditating.

    Now we have that out of the way, let’s discuss the matter at hand: Psychokinesis. I’d say a few years ago I was a downright sceptic and thought that basically everything could be explained by science. But over time I began wondering about things that could not be explained. And then there was psychokinesis, with the open mind that I have now I see no reason to not believe and let me say here that I believe that what you were doing Daryl, was not a hoax or set up in any way.

    The past few days I was thinking about trying a PSI Wheel spin myself, and a little while ago after watching the above videos I went to work. Got myself some tinvoil, a toothpick, a pencil eraser and I started trying. To my amazement within a few seconds it started twitching and my first thought was that I might have breathed on it. So I tried again and as soon as it started rotating again my concentration was gone again sheer by the wow-factor. Now that I’ve seen that I can do it myself I’ll be practicing this some more and might post some videoblogs about it too.

    So thanks again Daryl, and thanks to everyone who took the time to read this lengthy comment!

    I find that meditation is a good way to practise clearing your mind.

  4. Darryl Sloan says:

    Thank you so much, Ralph. Hearing that something I’ve done or written has inspired someone else – that makes my day. Hope you’ll stick around and take part in future discussions.

  5. Paulie says:

    As the part of the wheel that spins is Tin Foil, a very fine, lightweight metal, i just wonder if you’ve checked to see if you’re producing a magnetic field? This in itself would be Fortean.
    I’m up on my physics and engineering, but i’d imagine that magnetic pull might well give the motion you’re experiencing.
    The Russian and American Governments would certainly agree with you that there’s something in the whole subject, and I, myself, definitely believe it’s possible. I’m just not sure everyone can do it.
    The one thing i did notice during the videos, though, is that sometimes the wheel continued to spin when you took your mind off it, to talk, or move the item, which is why i immediately thought of magnetism, rather than TK.
    It’s been said the body gives off an aura, and some would even say they can take photos of that aura, and certainly in healing, it’s believed there’s energy passed through the body, either by touch, or close proximity, going back many, many years, into even ancient civilizations.
    I personally think this is more possibly the answer, in this specific case.
    There’s no mistake that when you concentrated and had the item close to certain parts of your body, like the “third eye”, it moved faster and more steadily, so there is a possibility that by concentrating your thoughts, you’re focusing that aura/magnetism, to make it flow better? But the fact that the item continues to spin when you aren’t trying, makes me believe it’s not “just” TK. I wouldn’t rule out a combination of the two.

  6. Darryl Sloan says:

    Hi, Paul.

    It does feel magnetic. When I’m concentrating, there’s often a push-pull motion that I can observe and control, if somewhat erratically. I started off by imagining myself pulling and pushing on the legs of the psi wheel, like how you would keep a merry-go-round in motion when standing off it. But in the session that took place just before the recording, I transcended the need to even consciously think about the wheel. It just kept going and going, even when I consciously willed it to stop. I didn’t have to think about the individual legs at all, or even look at them.

    I think the subsconsious mind is a big factor in this, and the conscious mind can get in the way of success. One of the big things to overcome is the excitement you feel when you get the slightest movement; I think the excitement appears to block any further movement, at least in the early attempts.

    As for the magnetic attraction and repulsion of metals, it’s worth noting that this does work with a paper psi wheel, just not as effectively. That may be due to the weight and friction difference. It may also be that metallic objects are easier to push and pull. I am loathe to move on to paper until I can establish more effective control over the tin foil.

    I’ve also come across another psychokinetic skill involving the clinging of objects (not just metals) to the forehead and face. Check this out:

    Some interesting information can be gleaned from YouTube searches like “third eye” and “pineal gland.”

  7. Ralph says:

    Yeah the exitement in the beginning is quite annoying because it is a total concentration breaker.

    A few minutes ago I tried clinging a coin to my forehead and at the very first attempt it worked and it kept working, so I figured the coin might be the cause and tried to stick it to my hands, which didn’t work. After a while it feels like there is a big magnetic metal plate in your forehead.

    As for the PSI Wheel, it is going really well. I can keep it spinning for quite a while now before I lose my focus but then again you do not necessarily have to keep your mind on the object. I’ve not quite figured out what the state of mind is when it happens but I’ll keep at it!

  8. Lee says:

    This healthy discussion reminds me that I must give it a go myself when i get a chance

  9. Darryl Sloan says:

    Hi, Ralph.

    It’s great that you are so good at this from the beginning. It was a lot harder for me. Had an interesting experience this afternoon where my cousin encouraged me to demonstrate it in front of a room of teenagers. It actually worked, to my relief. One of the kids tried it, too, and was able to get some movement, first time.

    As for third-eye magnetism, I’ve tried it briefly, but no success.

  10. Ralph says:

    Earlier today I was trying to PSI wheel again and formed my hands around like holding I was holding a bowl. As I was focussing I started to feel a tingling sensation in my fingers as well is in my palms which slowly became more of an electric feel and could even be discribed as a burning sensation. I wasn’t in a unnatural position that would put my limbs to sleep or anything but this was unlike any numbness I ever felt. I discarded this until I started googling it a little while ago, apparently this is a common sensation when people are trying to create a PSI ball. From what I read (link below) it is used to transfer emotions or even messages through a ‘Universal Field’ to the ‘target’. Now I don’t know much about it yet but psychokinesis is sure turning out to be an interesting thing.

  11. Darryl Sloan says:

    Ralph, I too have felt this tingling in my palms, and also in my head, during psychokinesis and meditation.

    That is a brilliant article you linked to. Hard to fully understand, but well worth studying and investigating further, I think. I’ve been reading the same views in books by David Icke. I have a feeling that I’m on the verge of a very different understanding of reality than what I’ve assumed all my life. It’s an exciting journey!

  12. Mark Stevens says:

    Well, I created my own psi wheel yesterday and attempted to block out as many external stimuli (i.e., air conditioning, drafts) as possible. Result? My wheel (which I placed on a flat, stable surface) behaved pretty much the way yours did. However, I made no attempt to “channel” my energy reserves or otherwise concentrate on the wheel to any significant degree.

    What’s happening? The wheel is made from lightweight tinfoil, shaped in such a way that it’s able to respond to micro fluctuations of air pressure and temperature. You don’t need to blow on it or hold a candle to it in order to generate a noticeable effect. Depending on your ambient surroundings, movements (however slight) made from even two or three meters away will have an effect. Likewise, even without an air conditioner, fans, or even the presence of a radiator/fire, warm air is continuously rising from the lower half of your room and pushing colder air across the ceiling and back down the walls. Although you can’t necessarily feel them, there are complex air currents continuously interacting with one another around you.

    The tin foil is light and balanced precariously on a tiny point. Because it’s irregularly shaped and/or you’ll never have it balanced perfectly at its centre, its centre of mass is constantly shifting around this point. When it responds to a fluctuation of air pressure or temperature, the centre of mass begins to shift. Depending on the level of disturbance, this shifting sets off a cascade effect, using kinetic energy/inertia to propel itself. This continues until the kinetic energy is spent, or until a counteractive fluctuation dampens the effect, or maybe even reverses it.

    Naturally, you can easily “encourage” these fluctuations. A small twitch of the finger could be enough to set off a cascade. Try rubbing your hands together vigorously for about 10 seconds (generating heat from friction) and move your hand closer to the wheel. It will begin to spin very rapidly, because the heat from your hand is released and pushes the cold air away. Saying there’s no major sources of heat, magnetic interference, or significant air currents doesn’t count for anything, because it only takes a very, very small amount of each to generate a significant effect. In fact, I’d be surprised if anyone created a psi wheel and reported that it steadfastly refused to budge a single millimetre. Unless someone lives in a pure vacuum or created a heavier wheel that requires greater force to move, it’s about 99% likely it WILL move. (Even if you put the wheel in a sealed container, it will only dampen the stimuli, not remove them completely.)

    I’m really not trying to be a party pooper. I’m just trying to understand how, when thermodynamics and aerodynamics adequately explain how the tin foil is able to move, you put the telekinesis explanation at the top of the list of possibilities. If you want to prove that telekinesis exists, why use an old magician’s parlour trick that has a very rational and demonstrable explanation? Move something that isn’t 0.2mm thick, doesn’t have a relatively huge surface area and doesn’t weigh mere milligrams.

  13. Stacey says:


    I was going to suggest setting up a “control” wheel, and I’m glad you tried it. Interesting. Thanks.

  14. Mark Stevens says:

    My control wheel was probably far from perfect, but it was enough to allow me to test subtle changes of temperature and air movement from various distances. I was quite surprised at just how fast I could get the wheel to spin by doing very little. The “hot hands” method was more useful for getting the wheel to change direction.

    I didn’t get as far as sealing the wheel in a container. I’m sure the effects would be considerably subdued, although I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of spinning, because temperatures can still fluctuate within the container, generating small movements, which in turn push the air around just a little bit more, etc.

    I really would like to see an honest attempt at telekinesis (as opposed to a deliberately staged effort just to score YouTube points) succeed. I’m open-minded enough not to rule out the possibility entirely, but I’m also a very rational person. Maybe it is possible to move a psi wheel with the power of telekinesis. I just think it’s nearly impossible to prove because a zillion non-telekinetic things (but mainly thermodynamics, aerodynamics, electromagnetism and good ol’ fashioned gravity) can be proven to move the wheel very easily. At what point that telekinesis become the only possible explanation? How do we make that determination?

  15. Paulie says:

    The best way to test this would be to set the apparatus up, resting on a table or something, with the rubber, pin and umbrella in place, then record it on video, for say an hour, while you go to the shops, or something.
    If, when you come back and look at the video, it hasn’t moved at all, you’ll know that it’s movement before was due to your body, if it spins within that hour long video, then you’ll know it was nothing more than tiny air currents causing it.

  16. Darryl Sloan says:

    Hi, Mark.

    Your scientific approach is welcome – necessary, in fact. The last thing I want be doing is fooling myself. However, your explanation isn’t currently satisfactory. I need an explanation for how, over the course of the 20 minutes of the recording (parts 2 and 3), 99.9% of the movement of the wheel was anti-clockwise, especially since two different rooms were used and the wheel was placed in lots of different spots. As I stated in the video, the umbrella shape of the wheel doesn’t facilitate one-directional movement like a propeller/wind turbine. And it would take very strict circumstances to maintain one-directional movement. As you can see, the circumstances I used were quite varied.

    I’m all for trying to explain this rationally (and the psychokinesis explanation is a rational one, too, I think), but you can’t be selective with the data. I also wouldn’t entirely discount the idea that you yourself were moving the wheel with your mind without realising it.

    Other interesting things you can spot in the video are the difficulty I experience in getting the wheel to move after things that break my relaxed & focused state of mind, e.g. after the camera tips over and when I change rooms. Once I get relaxed again, you’ll notice that the movements tend to come with much more ease and fluidity. Notice also how successfully the wheel moves when placed near the forehead.

    Things you can’t tell from the video, but which only I know: On the day prior to the recording, I created a sub-conscious intent for clockwise movement, and all I could get was clockwise movement. On the day in question, I created the intent for anti-clockwise movement, and that’s all I could get. On the day after that, I wanted clockwise again, and that’s all I got – this time in two different houses. (Once I “program” my subconscious, I find it extremely difficult to change the direction during the session. That’s my current theory on it, anyway.)

    What you also can’t see is how difficult it was for me to get any movement in the early days and how easy it has now become after three weeks training.

    Paul’s suggestion is a good one. I’m charging my camera right now, and I’ll be back in a couple of hours with a new video.

  17. Ralph says:

    Sounds like a plan Daryl, what I think might happen is that it will move but not in the same way and not for a lengthy period of time.

    As for using an object that is so light Mark, I think it’s necessary. For example you start going to the gym to lift some weights, you won’t pick up the heaviest around you start small. As for temperature moving the object, yes it is possible. Sometimes I move my hand to it and it already starts moving by either air movement or temperature but not for very long. So for me that does not explain the continuous motion that happens when I put my mind to it.

  18. Paulie says:

    I’ve done a very small experiment, using a piece of paper, rather than tin foil, a needle and an eraser.
    I first of all used the idea that Mark gave, rubbing my hands together until hot, then placing one by the side of the piece of paper, and like he said the paper span, reasonably fast. It span anti-clockwise every time.
    I’ve also left it on it’s own, not going near it, just watching from afar, and i’ve noticed periodical movement, mostly just little bits here and there, one way or the other, but also spinning motion, every now and then. Again always anti-clockwise.

    As i type this right now, it’s still set up, in front of me, and is spinning anti-clockwise, possibly because of the motion i’m using to type, which is creating air-currents?

    I was going to probe further, but to be honest, as Mark stated, how can you experiment diong something like this, if it’s a proven fact that it occurs naturally anyway?
    I might well be able to move it with my mind, but i can never know if it was actually my mind, or just random movement like i’ve already witnessed, so the results of any experiment would be pointless.

    As i meant to say before, i’m NOT up on my physics or engineering, but i’d be willing to bet that if i moved around the house, i could find places where it would rotate anti-clockwise, and some where it would move clockwise. So it might be an idea to test this in exactly the same spot in the house, for say 5 minute periods, then try and change direction, see if you can still do it.

    But, because it moves on it’s own, as i pointed out to you about the video, when you’d stopped trying, and it was still spinning, the results just don’t or can’t be significant. It would be like trying to move a leaf in the garden, while a gale-force wind blows around it, you’d never know if it was your mind or the wind, moving it.

  19. Ralph says:

    I’m become more skeptical as I read up on it. I found a website where someone did try to explain it and his answer was thermal energy. The difference in room temperature to the temperature of your body makes the wheel move. According to him it also works if you put mugs of hot water around the wheel. I tried to do the same, I put two glasses of boiling hot water around it as if it were my hand, although it did start moving it wasn’t a complete revolution.

    When I put my hand around the PSI wheel is almost starts moving on it’s own so it does seem like thermal energy is the cause. When I try to move it without the use of my hands it becomes a lot harder. So I will keep practising and see if it really is possible. Now we’ve seen Daryl do it without the presence of his body in the video so I’ll keep trying.

    The next step might be putting a glass over the wheel, but then again wouldn’t that be asking someone to grab a fish while the pond’s frozen?

  20. mikeq says:

    Mark’s solution does seem very convincing, but just because there’s one concrete explanation, that doesn’t rule out another possibility.

    I think to prove that Mark; not wrong as such, because his solution is correct, hasn’t got the only answer you would have to be able to get the wheel to move in one direction, stop it when you want and reverse its direction-numerous times before it would become clear that you alone are in control. Or be able to spin it at a high rpm for a sustained period, watch out you don’t get a scanners headache from that one though.

  21. Paulie says:

    The main problem i see, in light of Mark’s explanation is, the fact it’s possible with normal things like air current, heat, static, etc, means it’s extremely difficult to tell when the item is being moved by the mind, and when it’s being moved by natural circumstances.
    Great, if you’re able to move it really fast, and change direction, mid spin, and do all sorts of things that prove you are indeed in control, but so far, i’ve not seen evidence of that, i’ve merely seen a a very light object, on a flimsy toothpic (or needle in my case), spin relatively slowly, with hit and miss results which are then put down to things like ‘concentration’, etc, if they don’t go right.

    It’s a bit like praying for snow in December, if it doesn’t happen you can just say you didn’t pray hard enough, or God had other plans, and if it does snow you can praise His name because of such a miracle. Did God cause the snow or was it a natural weather condition for that time of year?
    Now, if you pray for snow in July, when the sun is splitting the trees, in Ibiza, and it suddenly snows, i’d be less likely to doubt the power of God and his ability to make it snow. 😀

    I don’t disbelieve in psychokinesis or telekinesis, i just think this current experiment model is flawed and needs to be worked on.

    How about something like a ping pong ball, it’s light and might still be slightly affected by thermodynamics, but put it in a ridged surface, like a plate where the levels change, or a biscuit tin lid, where the sides aren’t too high, but high enough to stop it rolling over the edge, without some force.
    The objective would be to move the ball fast enough, to make it push over the rim, or indeed to lift it vertically with the same result.

  22. Darryl Sloan says:

    Ralph & Paul,

    It’s rather unfortunate that you guys got it to work straight away. As for me, having spent many days attempting to get the slightest movement, sometimes using my hands and getting nowhere – this gives me a different perspective on whether heat is the culprit. I made an interesting video earlier today, which is almost ready to upload. It addresses the heat issue and hopefully narrows the possibilities.


    “Or be able to spin it at a high rpm for a sustained period.”

    I think, in all fairness, that I’ve achieved that one, if you look at the tail end of part 2 and the beginning of part 3. Depends on what you’re prepared to consider as “high rpm.”

    I have also had success using a pen instead of a toothpick and eraser, keeping my hands quite low on the pen, too – a lot further from the wheel than they were when holding the eraser.

    Stay tuned for the new vid.

  23. Paulie says:

    I don’t think the heat of the hands are the only issue, i was able to get it spinning while i stood at the other end of the room, and to be honest, i wasn’t trying to get it working, i was merely watching it to see if it moved of it’s own accord and it did.

    At one point it made a good 10+ resolutions, at a steady pace, before flickering and stopping.

    When i was typing, again with the device not very close to me, it moved faster and more regularly. I’m guessing that was the air currents i was causing with my fingers, as i type quite fast. 😀

  24. Darryl Sloan says:

    Drafts will certainly make the wheel move, Paul, but as you can see from my new video, drafts are definitely not responsible in my case. Maybe not in yours, either. You’ll have to create your own controlled environment to find out.

  25. filya says:

    Hi there. Great video!

    I tend to think myself as a believer, but usually end up as a ‘want-to-believe’ person. I have tried my hand at psi-wheels, pencils etc. But can’t get anything to move.

    I have searched around for PK parties, so I could see it all for myself, but couldn’t find any place close by.

    This video of yours did play a big role in ‘freeing my mind’ so to speak, and give me yet another ‘proof’ of what can be done.

    Hope to have more success in my next attempts 🙂

  26. Darryl Sloan says:

    Glad to help. What people can or can’t believe in is largely determined by their worldview. Athiests are generally scientific materialists who won’t stand for this kind of “nonsense.” Christians are believers in a non-physical reality but are often coached into an “if it’s not of God it’s of the devil” mindset which prevents experimentation into the likes of telekinesis. I think this is probably why there’s so little awareness of the reality of things like PK in the world.

    Good luck with your experiments. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that practice yields results, so keep going and don’t get frustrated.

  27. fiona says:

    Darryl, I have had a very similar experience to yours with the psi wheel, some success on the first attempt, nothing for several weeks, and then the end of three weeks it started spinning like a top.
    It makes me feel as if I am in kindergarten, learning basic skills again. A few observations to share, the first is that there are different times of the day when it works better for me. Late night is much better than the morning which might make sense because I am a night owl. The next is that when I am in an upbeat, light and happy mood it works much better as well. The third is that my wheel spins in a clock-wise direction 90% of the time, but sometimes it just wants to go the other way.

    For those who believe it might be simply room currents or electromagnetic energy I understand the process of looking at all possible explanations, but please be aware that there are many people who I have seen who use glass bell jars or similar glass covers and still the psi wheel will turn on their command. I am not there yet, but with patience and practice, anyone can do this. Keep this in mind, every action begins with a thought, whether it is the thought to move your arm to move that paper sitting on the table, or the thought to just move the paper, it all begins in the same place.

  28. Darryl Sloan says:

    Hi, Fiona.

    My experience is so similar to yours. I have also suspected that time of day plays a factor. I think this may be because at night-time your conscious mind has less background chatter going on due to tiredness.

    I also suspect happiness to be a factor. I tend to have good results after going for a walk and coming back refreshed.

    For me it’s 90% anti-clockwise, but I’m going to have to start and learn to gain proper control of the direction. The best I can do is have a little mental battle with it. When the wheel is spinning fluidly anti-clockwise, it can be very difficult to make it stop and change direction. It’s like the “chi” or “psi” is saying, “Quit bothering me. I’m going this-a-way.” And if I let go mentally, it just starts spinning anti-clockwise again.

  29. gtboy4 says:

    Daryl could you answer a couple of questions for me?
    What method do you use? (visualization, Force It, Etc.)
    What sites did you get the information from? (I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find a half-decent site)
    How often did you practice?

    I’ve had absolutely no luck with the psiwheel. It’s kind of odd actually. I gave up on the psiwheel and was going to give up PK completely until, during my school day 1st period I got bored so I tried it on my pen. It moved. I couldn’t stop smiling for a awhile =). I didn’t get it to move again until around 3 periods later (2 hours). During science I finished my test early so I thought why not give it another try? 15 minutes later it rolled about 2 inches toward me =). Then it stopped working (Both times I got bad headaches). I don’t understand how the psiwheel doesn’t work for me but a pen does. Any suggestions? (Both times I made sure the desk wasn’t able to shake, and blowing on the pen would’t move it either)

    P.S. I’m a christian and I believe pyschokinesis is real (and not related in any way to the devil or anything of the sort). The christians that don’t believe might as well not be christians at all. We believe we are created in the image and likeness of God. Do with that statement what you will.

  30. Darryl Sloan says:

    Hi, gtboy4.

    “What method do you use? (visualization, Force It, Etc.)”

    Visualisation with intent as a means of communicating with the subconscious mind. I go into detail on this in my new 10-minute guide video.

    “What sites did you get the information from?”

    None, really. I prefered to progress blind, for fear that I would imbibe a false belief system about it. But then, my own theories are based on my western belief system, e.g. subconscious. But it strikes me that the world subconscious is a wholely inadequate word for what lies within us. Again, see my 10-minute guide.

    But if you want a site, seems to be the best place for decent info on psionics.

    “How often did you practice?”

    Regularly but haphazardly. There may be some value in gaps – you know, like recharging.

    It’s astounding to me that you’re able to move a pen but not a psi wheel, and I feel like I should be asking you for advice.

    I recall getting some headaches in the beginning, too, particularly when I would slip into a meditative state due to my intense focus. Some say this is related to the “third eye” opening for the first time. The third eye chakra is said to be responsible for psychic abilities. If this is so, i don’t think the headaches are anything to worry about. You’re just clearing out a blocked passageway for the first time, so to speak.

    Keep me posted on your development.

    “P.S. I’m a christian and I believe pyschokinesis is real (and not related in any way to the devil or anything of the sort).”

    I don’t have a Christian worldview, so the idea that it could be the devil just doesn’t come into it, for me. And headaches certainly point to a more mundane origin for TK. That said, I believe that the physical universe is like a frequency that our consciousness is tuned into. And there many frequencies. I have little doubt that beings, good and bad, exist on other frequencies. The point being: tread carefully. TK is interesting, but don’t let it be a springboard for throwing caution to the wind with esoteric subject matter.

  31. What are these other beings? Are they outside of the single consciousness, or part of it? Do they play a role in the experience, or are they external to that?

  32. Darryl Sloan says:

    I have no idea what they are, and I’m relying on the testimony of others that they’re even real. I have a friend who used to do telekinesis, but got deep into other stuff, and ended up with some “attachments” on his life. He hasn’t spoken in detail about the whole business, but I do believe him.

    Are these beings outside the single consciousness? I would say no. The idea of the one consciousness is that it is everything.

  33. Surely they aren’t really dangerous then, if we’re all part of the real thing? In fact, if everything around us is only a perceieved reality, with the real reality being hidden, as if we’re just dreaming right now while our real being is elsewhere, then nothing about this experience really matters.

    Surely if you’re right with your thinking and reasoning, then I could go out today and throw myself in front of a train, and i’d just be absorbed back into the single consciousness, either restored to my real form, or put back into another perceived being, a bit like re-incarnation or re-spawning in a game.

  34. Darryl Sloan says:

    Far be it from me to encourage suicide, but I do suspect that when we leave this life we will be amused by how seriously we took it. Suicide is something that will hurt those you leave behind who love you, more than it will hurt you.

    I wouldn’t say life doesn’t matter. Clearly, the fact that we are born into this experience means that we’re supposed to have this experience.

    I like what Bill Hicks said:

  35. Darryl Sloan says:

    “Surely they aren’t really dangerous then, if we’re all part of the real thing?” In fact, if everything around us is only a perceieved reality, with the real reality being hidden, as if we’re just dreaming right now while our real being is elsewhere, then nothing about this experience really matters.

    These other-dimensional entities are dangerous in the same way that me going up to a local thug and saying “Oi! Tosser!” is dangerous. I might end up with a couple of broken ribs.

    Life may be just a ride, but it’s up to me what kind of experience I choose to have on that ride.

    Everything in perspective.

  36. But surely if you’re giving power to these other beings/forces, they become the ones controlling your ride? A bit like when you give into thugs, and avoid certain areas, or give into religious bullies, and avoid saying certain things.

    If we are indeed a shared consciousness, and this is just a ride, then surely we should follow through with everything we want to do and think and say, regardless of anything else. After all, if it doesn’t work out, the worse that can happen is you’ll end this game and re-spawn or go back to our true being.

  37. Darryl Sloan says:

    “But surely if you’re giving power to these other beings/forces, they become the ones controlling your ride?”

    I don’t understand the question. What I’m suggesting is, be cautious with esoteric experimenting, or you may risk attracting the attention of inter-dimensional beings with an unpleasant agenda – what is referred to in religion as demon oppression and possession.

    “After all, if it doesn’t work out, the worse that can happen is you’ll end this game and re-spawn or go back to our true being.”

    The worst that can happen is that our actions here can cause us (or others) to have a deeply unpleasant experience here. I might be Infinite Consciousness, but while I’m on this ride, I aim to make it a positive one, for the sake of my own experiential awareness which I’m tied into.

    I get the perspective you’re coming from, Paul – the ultimate one. We are Infinite Consciousness, and that cannot be harmed in the ultimate sense. But we were given these bodies and egos to have this experience with, to use in this physical realm. I’m not calling for the abandonment of the ego, but the use of the ego with the understanding of what lies behind it.

  38. But wouldn’t it be just as bad to abuse this experience, for a laugh (for example), as coming to the realisation of what we really are and spoiling the game anyway?

    I’ve often wondered about the concept of us being in a virtual experience. Even when i was Christian i found myself thinking about it a lot, because of some of the injustices and cruelties in life.

    I’ve always hated the idea that one person can be born into a reasonable life, the usual ups and downs, a bit of pain and heartache, some happiness, and lives to a ripe old age. Then on the other side, someone else is born into a world of abuse, torture, never experiencing a smile, or happiness, then finally murdered.

    I sometimes came to the conclusion that all of those experiences in the world served a purpose. For example it was part of my experience. I knew things like that went on, and i chose which i wanted to inflict on others. I could choose to treat people right, or abuse, torture and murder them. But that it wouldn’t be fair if i could make that choice about someone else’s life.

    So i would sometimes think, what if this whole thing is just for me. It’s my own personal experience. No-one within it is real. It’s my test, and everything i think and say and do, has no consequence on anyone else but me. If i choose to torture some defenceless child, for months on end, a child doesn’t really suffer, because that wouldn’t be fair on it. A bit like that film (which escapes me right now) where people would be arrested for having intent within their minds, to do a crime. So although i’d carried out a crime, i’d only have done it in this virtual world. Enough to incriminate me, but nothing else is affected.

    I’m not actually sure if i’ve totally given up on it yet. Obviously it’s evolved as my beliefs have evolved/devolved, but there’s always part of it sitting there on the back burner.

    It’s probably just a nice bowl of chicken soup for the soul though. A nice way of denying the harsh, cruel reality of life, and pretending that all those people out there suffering, aren’t really suffering.

  39. Darryl Sloan says:

    I’m willing to trust that the universe is teeming with consciousness, that the people I interact with are genuine conscious beings plugged into the same hologram. In fact, I think it’s likely that the collective unconscious of all consciousness is what’s holding physical reality together in this form.

    I have to trust that people are real, because in the absense of evidence trust is all I have. The idea that I’m the only conscious being here and this is all my personal dream just doesn’t ring true with my intuition at all, despite the fact that I’m hoodwinked by a personal dreamworld every night when I’m asleep.

    If no one else is real then that leaves me the option of becoming a monster and wreaking havoc without conscience. I remember a chapter in Stephen King’s It where a young guy thought this way.

    The movie you were trying to recall was Minority Report, I reckon.

  40. Yeah, Minority Report, that’s the one.

    If no-one else exists, why does it give you the option of being a monster and wreaking havoc? Surely you could still just be you. Like when you’re dreaming, and you come to the realisation that it’s just a dream. Usually we just end up doing something silly, like flying, or whatever. I don’t think i’ve ever had that experience and used it to be a monster and create havoc.

    Also, the idea that no-one else is real in this experience doesn’t negate conscience. You still might be getting judged, in another reality, where your true being exists. You may even be getting judged by yourself, or peers, rather than some God or deity.

    I just wonder if this intuition is a way of denying the things you don’t like, and accepting the things you do. Or, if it isn’t, i wonder how vulnerable it is to those things.

    That’s the real problem for me, with regards to not needing any evidence or proof. It’s too easy to just believe the things that make you feel good, and deny those that don’t.

    In fact, it doesn’t even have to be about liking something, it can be about just accepting the lesser of two evils.

    I see this in David Icke. Where you had a man who hated religion and authority. So as he let his mind run rampant, needing no evidence or proof, his fears led him to a belief that all people in authority were shape-shifting lizards, intent on doing evil and inflicting suffering. And anyone who doesn’t agree or argues against it, is part of the conspiracy and might also be a lizard themselves.

    The same is true for a lot of people who follow Icke around. They constantly look for conspiracy in everything they see, everything they read, everything they hear. Be it children’s literature, TV shows, etc.

    And the thing i find most hypocritical about it all is, they talk about love, peace and open-mindedness, but live in fear, looking for bad in everything and acting just as dogmatic as any religious institution. Where anyone who doesn’t agree with them is branded as evil, and accused of doing all sorts of menacing and depraved things.

    A quick google shows that most of the bigger names and most popular posters, who believe in and preach the word of single consciousness, are the same people posting and preaching about things like government conspiracies, etc. And they aren’t just interested in conspiracies, they’re obsessed. They spend hours every day on the subject. And anyone who disagrees or brings up points that prove otherwise, they’re immediately called out as conspirators, and evil doers.

  41. Darryl Sloan says:

    “If no-one else exists, why does it give you the option of being a monster and wreaking havoc?”

    If no one else is real, what’s the value in empathy with the victims of your actions? Life becomes little more than a game of Space Invaders.

    “I see this in David Icke. Where you had a man who hated religion and authority. So as he let his mind run rampant, needing no evidence or proof,”

    No evidence or proof? What do you call over 16 books, many of which are big 500-page tomes?

    The thing I first noted about the Reptilian theory is there there are massive areas of overlap with demon possession. I don’t know if there really are Reptilians or not, but what I’ve learned about the multi-dimensional nature of reality tells me there is nothing to laugh about in his theory.

    Sorry if that makes me a laughing stock, but I notice there are millions of Catholics who believe that bread and wine shapeshifts into flesh and blood (in such a complex way that it remains bread and wine to your senses), and nobody’s laughing at them. Because nobody laughs at the herd, only at the people who stand alone up and say, “Life is nothing like you think it is.”

    I had the typical view that Icke was a nutter till I read the first couple of chapters of I Am Me, I Am Free, entitled “The Bewildered Herd” and “Defending the Dogma.” Life-changing. And I’ve never looked back. I have the ebook if you want to sample it for yourself.

    As for “conspiracy nutcases” who follow Icke around, this is true of everything in life. In Christianity, you don’t have to look far before you encounter some lunatic expression of it. Conversely, you don’t have to look far before you find athiests trying to deny religion the same right to free expression that they claim for themselves, unaware of their own double standards.

  42. I totally agree with your last point. And this is why i don’t put any merit in any grouping of people making out like they have the answer. None of them are any better than the others. No matter how much they think they are.

    As for Icke, yes, a lot of it is the same as demons, and he uses it the same way as some dodgy pastor, justifying his church and agenda, by demonising anyone who doesn’t agree, or stands in the way. “Don’t listen to that person, who says i’m just in it for the money and fame,” that’s the devil talking through them. etc.

    To me, the belief in angels/demons, saints, etc are just as silly as Icke’s belief in shape-shifting lizards. But i’ve read many article/books/stories about multi-dimensional creatures, entities and deities which were a lot more convincing than Icke’s agenda-motivated beliefs. And on the same point, there are parts of religion which are more convincing than others.

    I used to read David Icke a lot (and i really do mean a lot!), back when he did regular articles on his website, and i did actually start by finding him interesting. He’s a very smart man (which became a danger), and a lot of what he has to say is probably true, but that’s the problem, when you have an agenda to sell, as long as you hide it amongst the truth, people will accept it. In fact he told people that himself, then started doing it himself.

    David Icke, for me, has a lot in common with David Koresh. Only Icke is a lot smarter and knows how to sell his agenda a lot better.

    I wonder, Darryl, how do you feel about Icke demonizing everyone? How do you feel about him calling out the leaders of the world as lizards, who sexually molest children as part of satanic rituals? From reading your blogs, i can tell you aren’t really into the whole fear thing. If anything, you’re trying to get away from it, so how do you feel about Icke’s use of fear and the fact that he sees a lot of the world around him, through fear?

    A lot of what he says, is calling people into action. “Do this before it’s too late,” and “they’re going to win, if you don’t act soon.” Which, to me, is just the same as the Evangelists asking the same thing of Christians. Add that to the fact he’s always demonizing various people who have taken a stand against him, as conspirators, evil-doers, etc, just like the Evangelists do. He’s just as dogmatic as any other belief-system.

    The problem is, there aren’t too many people out there, arguing the single-consciousness theory, who aren’t also living in fear about conspiracy theories, and looking for evil in everything and everyone around them. The more rational people who believe it, aren’t getting the publicity. I have seen some, and they were very interesting, but they were few and far between. I’d appreciate it if you could point me in the direction of some.

  43. Darryl Sloan says:

    “As for Icke, yes, a lot of it is the same as demons, and he uses it the same way as some dodgy pastor, justifying his church and agenda, by demonising anyone who doesn’t agree,”

    I have to strongly disagree with that. Icke has always said, “Take what feels right to you; leave the rest.” And many times, when doing presentations, he has emphasised that it’s none of his business to tell you what you believe, that’s he’s just here to present information, and we are to make of it what we will.

    “To me, the belief in angels/demons, saints, etc are just as silly as Icke’s belief in shape-shifting lizards.”

    I feel we’ve got to be careful with that word “silly.” If I just came out and said to a random person, “Hey, I believe we’re in the Matrix!” he might think I was silly for that belief. But if I had a little time to explain how A+B+C=D (like my video “Consciousness, perception, and the nature of reality”), then what is apparently silly at first glance makes a lot more sense than initially thought.

    “Silly” is anything that is outside the norms of common belief. And so often those beliefs are programmed into us from whatever propaganda of the herd mentiality we grew up in, totally bypassing critical thinking.

    For instance, a typical guy might think it’s ludicrous to believe in UFOs and aliens. And yet the stark reality of two hundred billion stars in our galaxy multiplied by two hundred billion galaxies (porbably more) is staring him in the face if he would just think about it.

    I just don’t use norms as a measure of what’s true any more – at all. So to me, the Reptilians are far from silly. I can’t connect all the dots, but it’s not something to laugh about.

    “David Icke, for me, has a lot in common with David Koresh. Only Icke is a lot smarter and knows how to sell his agenda a lot better.”

    Sorry, that’s just not the kind of vibe I get from him at all.

    “I wonder, Darryl, how do you feel about Icke demonizing everyone? How do you feel about him calling out the leaders of the world as lizards, who sexually molest children as part of satanic rituals? From reading your blogs, i can tell you aren’t really into the whole fear thing. If anything, you’re trying to get away from it, so how do you feel about Icke’s use of fear and the fact that he sees a lot of the world around him, through fear?”

    Well, I can’t connect all the dots, but I can’t be dismissive either. We have proven government connections to Bohemian Grove, with its bizarre religious rituals (I mean what the hell is that all about!). We have the testimony of MK-Ultra survivors; see my review of Trance-formation of America:

    We have the pre-eminence of Freemasonery in the formation of America. There’s so much data to consider. Is the Illuminati real? I don’t know, which is why I haven’t the confidence to blog about this side of things.

    I have to wonder how much of what goes on in the world is coorinated by the sinister agenda of a secret government, and how much is just unfortunate. For instance, I have no problem in recognising that there is a major problem with the food and pharmaceutical companies. We eat crap, get ill, buy pharmaceuticals to treat the symptoms, so we can keep eating crap. And the fat cats at the top of these two industries are happy making money at our expense. Crazy world. To me, that’s just an unfortunate situation, one we would all do well to wake up to and challenge. But to Icke this is all part of a centrally coordinated conspiracy to dumb down humanity, along with vaccines, cell phone radiation, etc. He may have a point with all these things in isolation, and I’m glad of the information he supplies that allows me to benefit my own health, but I just can’t see all these things as centrally coordinated by a hidden hand.

    As for the fear, the flipside to what you’re saying is this: Do you want to be ignorant or in-the-know about what’s going on? Knowledge is empowerment. When you know something, then you can do something about it. Icke has also spoken a lot about not being afraid, because we are Infinite Consciousness which cannot be destroyed. So I think you are wrong to accuse him of fear-mongering.

    “The problem is, there aren’t too many people out there, arguing the single-consciousness theory, who aren’t also living in fear about conspiracy theories, and looking for evil in everything and everyone around them. The more rational people who believe it, aren’t getting the publicity. I have seen some, and they were very interesting, but they were few and far between. I’d appreciate it if you could point me in the direction of some.”

    Are you actually warming to the idea of the single consciousness? 😎

    Well, there’s Michael Talbot’s The Holographic Universe, of course. I’m also looking forward to reading some Dean Radin, if I can get hold of his books. I was impressed with him from the What the Bleep Do We Know!? documentary, especially the Down the Rabbit Hole extended cut (they cut him out of the original cut; he’s only in the extras). It’s well worth keying his name into YouTube and listening to him lecturing. And of course, it’s well worth watching What the Bleep.

    I also really liked the look of that book you recommended earlier: The Universe Explained, or whatever it was called.

  44. staticjay says:

    As a Magician I thank you Daryl you make my job worth while.

  45. It’s very easy to say one thing, and live another, Darryl, you, yourself should know this because of the Christian beliefs you grew up in. How a lot of Christians will preach one thing, then turn their back on you the moment you don’t agree with them, regardless of how long they’ve known you and the fact you considered them friends. Icke uses this same hypocrisy. He preaches, love, understanding, one-ness, etc. But he acts out a very different reality. A quick look at his website and the articles on there, will show just how divisive he is, and his many hate-campaigns against various people who have stood against him, or those in power.

    As for single consciousness, no, i’m not warming to that at all. 😛 I do find myself agreeing with you on other parts of your beliefs, but the single consciousness is just too far of a stretch for me. It doesn’t add up for me. I could accept that none of this is real, and that we’re all a hologram, or that we’re inside a computer program, or even in some judgement simulation, i don’t necessarily believe in it, but i can see how it could be the reality, but to then say we’re all one consciousness, is just a step too far, for me.

    I still think it’s much easier and much more likely (Occam’s Razor anyone?), that the world around us is as we think it is, and we’re all separate entities trying to make the most of it. There are things we don’t understand yet, and may not ever, but they aren’t so fantastical as to need fantastical theories to make them possible.

    My intuition has led me to agnosticism. I’ve read countless ideas, theories and beliefs, i’ve considered many things and even desire that one of them is true, and that i might come to that realisation, but as i sit here typing this, right now, i just don’t feel convinced by any of them.

    Saying that, though, if anyone had asked me my opinions while i was a born again Christian, on changing faith and finding new answers, i’d have laughed at them, because i felt so strong in my beliefs and thought that nothing could happen to weaken that resolve and change my mind. So who knows what tomorrow holds. 😀

  46. Darryl Sloan says:

    Icke’s style does make me wince at times, because he indulges in name-calling and ridicule of his opponents, which I think are cheap shots and unproductive.

    That said, if his research is telling him that certain individuals are guilty of heinous crimes, good for him for exposing them without fear of reprisal. Loving people doesn’t mean “Go ahead. Walk all over me. Do what you like. I daren’t say a bad word about you.”

    To put this in perspective, yes, we are all one consciousness, and that includes the bad guys. But while we’re in this arena of separation, we’re here to play the game of human experience. It is possible to take a stand against what others are doing without hating them and wishing them dead.

    Sure, Icke says things that could be seen as unloving, and his approach wouldn’t be my approach. But he doesn’t strike me in the polarised way that he strikes you. Icke is constantly calling for peaceful non-cooperation with authority as a means to avoid global tyranny. It’s the other conspiracy theorists we need to worry about (including Christian ones), who are calling for armament and crying “Death to the NWO!”

    “My intuition has led me to agnosticism.”

    That’s like saying, “My intuition is telling me that I don’t know what the hell is true.” 😉 Which is like the absense of intuition (which I would define as obtaining reliable information from the unconsious).

    Overall, taking into account the trend of your thinking since you started commenting here last year, I notice you seem to favour “reductionist materialism” (you always need absolute proof), and I suspect that’s what leads you to agnosticism.

    I like the phrase “Absense of proof is not proof of absense.” And so, I flirt with possibility.

  47. It sounds to me like you’re making excuses for Icke, based on the fact that you like some of his other work, and agree with his greater teaching. In your past posts and comments, you’ve berated Christianity and organised religion, for doing some of the very things you’re not agreeing Icke takes part on, but you’re forgiving him and actually patting him on the back for it, because it shows he’s not afraid to speak his mind, etc.

    I believe that Icke and dodgy Christians are as bad as each other. You say Icke is guilty of name-calling, but in reality it’s a lot worse than that. Some of the things he’s accused these people of, without any proof whatsoever, are truly hideous. And the worst thing about it is, he doesn’t even pretend to have proof, he just states it as fact, and provides nothing else.

    As for my intuition leading me to: “I don’t know what the hell is true.” That pretty much sums it up. 😀

    I don’t know. I’m fine with that. I still have an interest to find out, and i’d like to know. But the truth is i just don’t know.

    While absense of proof is not proof of absense, it doesn’t give us any answers. 😛 I’m not confident enough in my beliefs (I’d be stupid to be confident in my not knowing. lol.), to completely rule out someone else’s. But as it stands today, i find it too easy to argue against other beliefs, for them to hold any water.

    I remember when i made the shift from no belief to Christianity. I had a ton of doubts, questions and theories, but the answers and the events in front of my eyes were enough to convince me i’d been wrong. I found myself in a position where i just couldn’t argue against it anymore.

    It wasn’t even about real, palpable events. It was probably the same intuition that you’re talking about. Where most of it was a feeling, or a perspective, or an opening of my eyes to things that had always been around me, but that i’d never seen. But it felt so real. And it just rang so true inside me. I can’t find that anymore, in anything.

    And that’s why i think what you’re going through is just the Emperor’s new clothes. I know the feeling you’re talking about, because I went through it too, but it didn’t make what i believed in, real. It just means i had a really strong faith in it, and because of that my perspective on the world around me was changed, and everything i saw was through the eyes of that faith. Which served to back everything up, in my mind. I even had physical proof, in my mind, where I’d seen people healed, and was even healed myself, and witnessed fantastic transformations in people, just because they’d been prayed for. But I saw things the way i wanted to see them, and i judged them by what I already thought/believed. I saw people get healed and thought God must have healed them, because I blieved in God and his power. It was only after I’d stopped believing that I started to think that actually it was probably a psychological reaction in the body of the person being healed, including myself, causing euphoria and some sort of mind-over-matter reaction.

    I see the same thing in you, when you talk about psi-wheels, etc. You’re already believing there’s a single-consciousness, and that the world around us isn’t really as it appears, so when the psi-wheel turns, you use that as proof in your mind, to back up what you already believe. Five years ago, if you’d done the same thing, you’d have believed it was demons/angels, and have been just as assured in your belief. Five years from now it might be something different again.

  48. Darryl Sloan says:

    “Some of the things he’s accused these people of, without any proof whatsoever, are truly hideous.”

    I know what you mean. But it’s not like he’s pulling things out of thin air, either. Icke puts a lot of credence on the testimony of certain whistleblowers, like MK-Ultra survivor Cathy O’Brien and others. Rather than simply reject the confidence Icke puts in these people (or accept it without question), I use his claims as a springboard to do more research of my own. For instance, I’ve read (and reviewed) Cathy’s book Trance-formation of America:

    When you consider the likes of Cathy O’Brien in isolation, and with a mind that has been steeped in nothing but the propaganda of mainstream news, the claims can seem incredible. But if we look outside of what gets mainstream attention, and put Cathy O’Brien together with information on Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones, etc., then maybe she is someone worth listening to.

    But in fairness to what you’re saying, I get disappointed at times when reading Icke. I don’t think he’s particularly good at guiding his readers empirically through the strands of a conspiracy. I find myself more often being thought-provoked (and frustrated) than convinced. And my interest in his work lies much more in the philosophical stuff.

    “I remember when i made the shift from no belief to Christianity … It was probably the same intuition that you’re talking about. Where most of it was a feeling, or a perspective, or an opening of my eyes to things that had always been around me, but that i’d never seen. But it felt so real. And it just rang so true inside me.”

    What I’m going through now is more profound than anything I experienced as a Christian, and I think that’s obvious by the amount of blogging I do, in comparison to how much blogging I did about Christianity in the past. Interestingly, I have no saviour to sell, and yet I’m more eager to talk about this stuff than I ever was to talk about Christ.

    I’ve gone through periods where I felt very sure Christianity was true, like you. I’ve also gone through periods of agnosticism where I felt the impossibility of finding any real answers about the deep questions of life, like you.

    Then, with a little help from Icke, I became aware of certain “thinking traps” that I had been lulled into my whole life, both as an agnostic and a Christian. And everything started to change.

    I know you think this is still the honeymoon period, but it’s getting to be a long honeymoon. And the more I learn, the better it gets.

    “I see the same thing in you, when you talk about psi-wheels, etc. You’re already believing there’s a single-consciousness, and that the world around us isn’t really as it appears, so when the psi-wheel turns, you use that as proof in your mind, to back up what you already believe.”

    There’s some truth in that, but you’re putting a spin on it that isn’t accurate.

    I took the intuitive leap into the one consciousness belief. Then my interest in psionics developed because my rational left-brain wasn’t happy and wanted some confirmation. So I’m interested in using TK to obtain data on the nature of reality. And I’m prepared to let that data speak for itself, whatever way it swings. The fact is, there are some strange results. If there weren’t, I would have let it go long before now. Believe it or not, I try hard to explain my results conventionally; those are the tests you don’t see me posting on YouTube. I am not interested in self-delusion, and I refuse to be stereotyped as what sceptics call a True Believer.

  49. We’ve discussed the differences between our experiences of Christianity before, and I think from what you’ve told me about your new found experiences, that intuition sounds a lot more like the experience I had with Christianity.

    My experience was much more personal than yours, as in I was able to work out my own salvation and think for myself, rather than just follow the law of the elders and accept it, regardless. So I had the very long honeymoon period, filled with discovery, amazement, the opening of my perceptions, etc.

    Only time will tell though. As it did with me. And you, in your past beliefs.

    One thing though, if you look at every belief system there is, from every corner of the world, there are those within it claiming to have the same experience as others, from a different set of beliefs. The only real link is that it’s experienced by a human being, and includes euphoria, which has been scientifically recreated in the lab, with nothing more than a few wires and a machine connected to the brain. The same can be done with drugs. In fact, most of what you now believe, was first really brought to the mainstream in the 60s, thanks to LSD and many other substances.

  50. Josh says:

    might i suggest some other ways to further improve you PK.

    Dancing Candle Flame

    This is a very basic technique.

    Light a candle. Relax and focus on the candle flame. Imagine that you are merging with a candle flame, becoming this candle flame, being this candle flame. What you’re really doing is merging your energy field with the energy field of the candle.

    In NLP terms, by focusing on the candle and tuning into the candle, you are “pacing” the candle, by directing the flame to move where you want it to move, you’re “leading”.

    When you feel that you have established good enough “rapport” with the candle – imagine its flame extending and becoming longer. When you succeed with this, then imagine it shrinking back, becoming smaller and smaller; then bending to the side, etc.

    When you’re done experimenting, just imagine yourself returning back to your normal state or mind, “emerging” from the candle flame.



    This is another basic technique. You can buy a pendulum or make it – simply attach a small object (e.g. ring) to a string. You could hold it in your hand, however, this way you’d send unconscious impulses through your hand, so it’s better if you have a pendulum hanging in front of you (you can attach it to a small stand (like the one’s for table lamps).

    Same as in previous exercise, with a candle, focus upon the object until you create a sense of “oneness” with the object and then imagine it moving back and forth, clockwise, etc.

    There are other techniques which I may post later, which involve accumulating energy (chi, ki), and projecting it to push the object.

    These require more practice.

    And, there are still other more esoteric/occult techniques for having objects appear/disappear at remote locations.


    Moving Small Objects

    Choose a small, lightweight object and place it on the table in front of you.

    Relax, clear your mind completely and focus on your object.

    Visualize a “tunnel” between you and the object. The only thing that should be present in your awareness is the tunnel and the object at the end of the tunnel.

    Now, imagine your mind’s hands coming out and pulling the object in. Once you feel the pull, you might want to make sounds in your head that suggest a strong magnetic field (nnnn…. nnn…. nnnn…. )

    It may sound silly, but it works!

  51. Evan D. Brown says:

    Darryl, make some more videos. I am hungry for inspiration

  52. andre says:

    It took me about 1 year to practice but the result appears just for 2 weeks. Any best suggestions?

  53. Neal says:

    Hi Darryl

    First off – Great video’s! I’m really learning a lot and hope to develop this skill soon! But I have to ask…Who or what is that in the second video at 4:59. Looks like some creature that pops in at the right part of the screen and then moves away quickly. It’s really creeping me out

  54. Darryl Sloan says:

    Hah! Well spotted, Neal. I think you caught a glimpse of my Snake Plisskin (Escape from New York) action figure sitting on my mantelpiece. What can I say? I’m a kid at heart. 🙂

    By the way, I recommend you visit my YouTube channel via the “Vlog” page. I’ve made a lot of progress with TK since this inital video, and I’ve made quite a few videos on the subject. Best of luck learning it. It’s there for the discovery.

  55. Lollly says:

    Look at this moron…
    Skipped a few physics/chemistry lessons?


    Why the propeller has to be so light?

    If you really have the power, you should be able to make the propeller move even if there´s a glass bowl over it.

    Does it move when there´s glass bowl over it?

  56. Darryl Sloan says:

    Okay, Lolly.

    First, when you call me a moron, it’s says nothing about me, but plenty about you.

    Second, a pyramid/umbrella is not a propeller and does not naturally produce uni-directional motion – an important fact that most sceptics choose to ignore.

    Third, yes it works under a glass bowl, but only after considerable practice. See:

  57. Divien says:

    Hey Darryl,
    Good to see that you’re still working on it. Anyway I thought I would share some interesting videos and a site.

  58. Darryl Sloan says:

    Thanks for these recommendations, Divien. PsiPog seems to be a good site. However, I want to point out that godspeed09 is, in my opinion, a definite fraud. Some time ago, I made a two-part video on how to spot TK fakes. I featured him heavily:

  59. KiRA says:

    Well, It’s already 2011 and the video was 3 years ago .. How’s the progress now? I’m just checking because I am studying PK for over a week now.. but can’t get the hang of it as I think I’m using heavy objects..

  60. KiRA says:

    Oh and a tip for psi wheel would be writing your name on one point to have that connection as I’ve read somewhere 🙂

  61. Darryl Sloan says:

    Hi, Kira. Pretty much all of the progress I made with PK was in the first year. I got to the point where I could move the psi wheel under a glass bowl on an occasional basis. Lack of practice on my part is probably to blame for me not being able to take it further.

  62. Corky says:

    Try and getting into a mellowed out relaxed mood away from any distractions (T.V, Computer, Music etc.) then place your hands either side of the Psi – Wheel and imagine your energy flowing from your right hand and bouncing off your left. This is how I do it and it worked a charm.
    If that doesn’t work try doing complex mathematics out in your mind. This is also a widely used technique.

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