Psychokinesis: Experimenting with hand distance

I have good and bad days practising psychokinesis. It’s hard to work out what factors are involved; I’ve even wondered whether eating pistachio nuts has had a negative effect! In any case, today was great. I achieved really effective, fluid spin on a psi wheel whilst keeping my hand a surprising distance from it. What’s particularly interesting is that I achieved consistent anti-clockwise motion, then consistent clockwise motion. That’s a first. Never mind the fact that I wasn’t consciously trying to change the direction! 🙂 Even from the point of view of attaching a conventional explanation to this, the change in direction is weird. After all, when you pull the plug out of the sink, the water always spins away in the same direction, no matter what. Make of it what you will:

More and more, I am drawn to the idea that there is energy being emitted from my body – energy that is not heat or static. Is it this stuff they call “chi”?

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2 thoughts on “Psychokinesis: Experimenting with hand distance

  1. Josiah Tucker says:

    I like your video, but it doesnt match a prevous one. I thought you had to close your eyes and imagine it happening first?

  2. z3ll says:

    your videos are great… i never thought anyone would do such videos, since the other videos I’ve seen in youtube were… I can’t say its fake but the comments i’ve read were negative, but yours were all good… so i decided to watch it XD. You really got good skills on explaining things… XD.

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