My perspective on life in Northern Ireland

Sometimes I hear local people talking about what a dump our area (Portadown & Craigavon) is. True, there’s graffiti sprinkled here and there, and you’ll encounter the occasional abandoned housing estate that looks like a set from Escape from New York. But there’s another side to living here that makes it a wonderful place be. And I imagine this applies to the majority of places in Northern Ireland. Sadly, the good side often goes unnoticed, for want of simply turning off the TV and getting on a bicycle or going for a walk. Living here can be a real feast for the eyes, if only we would open our eyes.

On Sunday afternoon I packed a camcorder and went out on my bicycle. I travelled no more than three or four miles from home (from Killicomaine to Craigavon Lakes), photographing anything that caught my eye. Sadly, I ran out of battery before I ran out of things I wanted to film.

So here’s a brief snapshot of the natural beauty of Northern Ireland without any special effects or filters. This is where I live, and this is why I have no desire to leave …

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8 thoughts on “My perspective on life in Northern Ireland

  1. salobrena says:

    It’s true, most people can’t see the forest for the trees can they.

  2. Paulie says:

    Very nice piece Darryl, i have to agree, Nor’n Ir’n ain’t too bad, sometimes.
    I have my moments when i want to get away, but in all truth, the rest of the world has its problems too, and so the grass is never really that green on the other side.

  3. Peter Adams says:

    I personally love Northern Ireland, but i get very frustrated by the way so many people take it for granted. I’d say the majority of people who complain about living in Northern Ireland have never tried living elsewhere.

    I’ve always thought how good it would be for most people to have a compulsory exchange year (or six months) at school/college with another country to help them see another culture and get some perspective on their own.

    Weekend camping in the Mournes anyone?

  4. Stacey says:

    *sigh* I love Ireland (the island). I need to see it properly instead of at five p.m. in the dead of winter and after dark while it’s lashing down from the heavens. We drove out to Newcastle to see the ocean, got drenched getting out of the car for thirty seconds, and got back in just to get lost in the Mourne mountains. Of course you know, Darryl, I didn’t even make it to see you because I was so sick that visit. Now I just have to convince Chris we can afford three or four tickets overseas. How are you for a guide/historian, Darryl?

  5. Paulie says:

    Newcastle is my favourite place in Ireland. I spent a rather fantastic, romantic weekend there a bunch of years ago, in winter. It lashed down the whole time we were there, and the sea was raging and wild, with the waves crashing in like something from a film. We both ended up catching a cold, but it was worth it.
    I love winter anyway though, summer never did much for me. 😀

    Put my name on the list Peter, camping AND Newcastle together, works for me. All we need now is an acoustic guitar and some penny whistles.

  6. Lee says:

    For crimes such as overuse of the zoom we find you guilty! lol

    Nice looking footage… when you’re not zooming

  7. very nice 🙂
    hi from cincinnati.
    I miss Ireland!!! Mainly that rich earthy fresh damp smell. Sounds odd but they don’t have that over here…

  8. Darryl Sloan says:


    “Now I just have to convince Chris we can afford three or four tickets overseas. How are you are a guide/historian, Darryl?”

    Not much without a car. 🙂 I hope you guys do make it over here again.


    “I miss Ireland!!! Mainly that rich earthy fresh damp smell.”

    Funny, the things you don’t notice when you’ve lived here forever. When I visited the US, it was so hot and humid that I felt like I was on another planet that barely supported human life. 🙂

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