Flight 77 on 9/11: The camera never lies

I’ve become fascinated by one particular element of the conspiracy surrounding Flight 77, the plane that (allegedly) struck the Pentagon on 11 September 2001. There’s something on one of the two publicly released CCTV camera recordings from the Pentagon. Pause the following video at 1:27 and look carefully. You can see the nose of the aircraft entering view on the right.

I’m prepared to ignore the suspicious fact that the video is recording only one frame per second, which is stupendously cheap-skate for one of the most important buildings in the world. I’m even prepared to ignore the statistical unlikelihood of both cameras almost completely missing the plane as it passed by. Why? Because what’s in front of me at 1:27 looks like straightforward evidence of a cover-up.

If you look at the comments on YouTube, some people say, “That’s the nose of the plane. Nuff said.” Well, it appears to be the nose of something, but it’s certainly not the nose of Flight 77. Flight 77 was a Boeing 757-223, and a simple Google search will show you what a Boeing 757-223 looks like.

Some have suggested that it’s not the nose of the plane, it’s the wing-tip, visible first because the plane approached at a 45-degree-ish angle. In figuring out whether that is the case, we can look carefully at a computer simulation of the plane’s approach, a simulation that is designed to debunk the conspiracy from the perspective of the other CCTV camera, but is useful here, too:

Helpfully, the simulation shows the exact approach of the aircraft by mapping the lamp-posts that were knocked down, so there can be no doubt about the angle. Pause the simulation at 0:56. Now, place a ruler (or anything straight) on your monitor and make a line from the little black dot at the top left (which is the security hut where the camera is located) to the nose of the plane. This may seem like an oversimplification, but this is exactly how line of sight works geometrically; it isn’t rocket science. You can see that the wing-tip is already in view ahead of the nose. But the plane is too far away, much further than the camera is picking up. Now, allow the video to play on, and pause it in a couple of places to take new measurements. You will see that the angle of nose to wing-tip grows ever closer until eventually the nose meets the line of sight prior to the wing-tip. 1:31 is the crucial moment.

This is, unfortunately, where we have to make an estimation. I look at the CCTV camera angle and I notice that it shows a great deal of the building and not much of the lawn. At 1:31 in the simulation, the plane looks like it’s still pretty far from the camera’s field of vision. I would estimate that the camera is picking up the plane at 1:34 or thereabouts. At that point, line of sight is clearly in favour of the nose. This, of course, assumes the accuracy of the simulation and the accuracy of my own judgement on the timing. And it doesn’t help that the security camera has a fish-eye lens that’s designed to pull in more from the sides.

Man oh man, it’s never simple, is it? Many people are jumping to the conclusion that it’s the nose of a missile entering view, but I have to confess, there’s no conclusive evidence that this is the case. It could very well be a simple case of wing before nose on a Boeing 757.

This brief little flight into conspiracy really illustrates for me the sheer
minefield of it all, where it’s so easy to believe the wrong thing because you’ve researched something to a degree, but not far enough. Partway through this personal investigation I though I had concrete evidence that Flight 77 was nowhere near the Pentagon, until I looked deeper.

The questions remain. Why won’t the government release their confiscated CCTV footage of the impact? Why is their own camera operating at only 1 frame per second? Why is the impact hole so small in comparison to the size of a Boeing 757? But I have to admit, a hundred suspicions don’t make a concrete case.

As the saying goes, the camera never lies, but unfortunately our perceptions of what the camera says do.

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3 thoughts on “Flight 77 on 9/11: The camera never lies

  1. Paulie says:

    I went through my own interest in this subject as a whole, about 2 years ago (I think!). As you say, it’s a bloody minefield of information, disinformation, agendas, etc.

    One thing for sure though, to me, was that the Government aren’t being completely honest. Their side of the story just doesn’t match up with the known facts.

    Not just with this particular video, and incident. But with all aspects of 9/11. The collapsing of the buildings, including the third building that collapsed, after the main two. Including what was kept in that third building, and how it would have benefited a lot of people, having it drop.

    The worst thing, and the most frustrating thing, about the whole event though, is that there are so many so-called experts out there saying different things. One minute you have some professor of engineering, 40 years in the bag, saying A + B = C, the next you have another professor from the other side of the country with the same amount of experience, saying the answer is D.

    There’s some cracking threads on the subject over on http://www.forteantimes.com/forum/ – Just click on “Conspiracies,” or you can use the search function to find specific 9/11 threads. It’s a very long read and will take quite a while to get through, but it’s well worth the effort. There’s a lot of information and resources, as well as good answers that stand up to the test, on certain specifics. I think there’s a few threads with posts by me on there too, although I can’t remember much of what I posted, it was 2 years ago after all. My name on there is DieDieMyDarling. 😀

  2. Phil Hopper says:

    This post grabbed my attention immediately as i read the digits 9/11.
    This is a subject that really intrigues me, and i love looking into the fact that it could have been a conspiracy, i never really looked much into the pentagon side of things, that is why this post has benefitted me so much, showing some things that i had completely forgotten even happened, I love looking into the towers, and the fact that if you watch frame by frame in some videos, you will see the tower explosion before the actual plane has struck the side of the building, split seconds before, also on 2 floors, one above were the plane struck, and a few below, were evacuated the week before, and men were brought in to install “air conditioning units”, which is the same place were the explosions happened…all this type of stuff really fascinates me…and on a whole different topic, the “Illuminati”

  3. Darryl Sloan says:

    I’ve been reading quite a bit of conspiracy stuff lately, but I’ve blogged so little about it because the whole thing is just so big. I feel like I need to know a lot more about conventional history before I can get to grips with some of the assertions made about the world by conspiracy theorists. Some very strange stuff out there, that’s for sure, like the US government involvement in the Bohemian Grove rituals, Skull and Bones membership, America’s Freemasonic history.

    One thing I have cottoned on to is that the mainstream media is little more than a propaganda tool. I saw one example of this recently when I started looking into the cervical cancer vaccine. There was a completely false picture presented by the NHS television advert: blatant fearmongering without a single useful medical fact. All I could think was that the pharmaceutical companies were laughing all the way to the bank at the taxpayers’ expense.

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