Chion reviewed at Self-Publishing Review

Chion has clocked up yet another excellent review, this time at Self-Publishing Review. Here’s an excerpt:

The book is a similar high-concept apocalypse similar to M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Happening” or “The Mist” based on a Stephen King story. Except where those movies fail – and fail deeply, as “The Mist” has one of the most distressing and frustrating endings in movie history – Chion succeeds. Perhaps movies are the best comparison for Chion because the book is seriously cinematic – one of those books where you forget you’re reading.

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11 thoughts on “Chion reviewed at Self-Publishing Review

  1. dscorereviews

    Congratulations, great review.

    Disagree with the reveiwers comments on ‘The Mist’ , I thought it had a great ending.

  2. The ending of The Mist really peeved me off, initially. It seemed like Darabont just went for pointless shock value, trying to outdo Shakespeare on the tragedy front.

    But looking back, the ending has taken on a haunting quality that makes the film all the more unforgettable.

    Either way, overall it was a fantastic film. I also thought the original novella from Skeleton Crew was Stephen King at his finest, and the movie really did it justice.

  3. What bugged me is that the father is so meticulously careful about everything throughout the movie and then – at the very end – doesn’t even bother to get out of the car to check and see if everything’s all right before doing the worst thing of his life. Darabont’s one of the most pandering filmmakers – usually panderingly sentimental (“The Majestic”)and this was pandering for shock value. As a father of a kid about the same age it sickened me on a fundamental level.

  4. Warning! Spoiler ahead!

    I thought it was a bit silly that he simply drove until the gas ran out. There would have been ample opportunity to think ahead and do a little car-hopping.

    Besides, they could have survived at least a day or two just sitting in the car. Didn’t anyone think, “Why don’t we just wait a while, see if this mess sorts itself out?”

    Much preferred the open ending of the novella.

  5. I loved the ending of The Mist. I’m so fed up of happy endings in films, where there’s usually someone that saves the day, or a stroke of luck that sees people through.

    I just regret the fact that I didn’t read the novella first, usually with King I do tend to read the book first, then the film is a great disappointment (apart from a very select few!), but this is one I really would have loved to have read first.

  6. Great review of the book. As for the Mist, it was an ending that left me in absolute depression. I have never felt that way about the ending of ANY movie before, and I don’t ever want to again, either.

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