The 10-minute guide to telekinesis

Since I started putting videos of my telekinesis experiments on YouTube, I’ve been inundated with requests asking for advice. The most popular question is “What goes through your mind when doing telekinesis?” So I decided to make this video, condensing everything I know (or everything I’ve theorised) about the subject into ten minutes, as a guide for beginners who are struggling to get started.

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5 thoughts on “The 10-minute guide to telekinesis

  1. naell says:

    please i want to learn telekinesis

  2. Josiah Tucker says:

    I really like this vidio its the only one thats ever actually worked for me. But I really need your help Darryl. You see I thought that if the method you mentioned in the video worked for telekinesis, then it might work for other things as well. So I imagined a whole lot of things and now things are happining all over my life that have very eree similarities to my imaginations. I feel like Ive been sucked into this mega supernatural world that I know nothing about. Whats wrong with me!!!!!!!

  3. Believer. says:

    Hi darryl im starting to learn TK if u can please contact me through my email i will really appreciated i have few questions,
    thank you

  4. Storme says:

    I saw this video on YouTube recently – I never knew you had this whole site! xD
    Pretty nifty; there are too many fakes out there so I’m glad to see there is someone who actually understands this stuff. 🙂

  5. Kim Joseph Lebrilla says:

    Hi darryl, im really eager to learn telekinesis. I’ve done few of tests of my own, which was fortunately a bit effective. I need some piece of advice of how i may be able to further learn tlekinesis? me at my g’mail. Thnx a lot. Mor power’:)

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