Writing a new book: Reality Check

The intellectual and spiritual journey I’ve been on for the past year has been powerful and life-changing. It shows no sign of fading. In fact, the whole picture has gotten clearer and clearer as time has progressed.

I’m really glad I blogged about it all, because I now have a permanent record of what is probably the most important transition of my life. For a while, I’ve been considering turning the past year’s blog entries into a physical book, but I think I need to start afresh and introduce the insights from a more effective angle than the haphazard way that they occurred to me at the time.

I put an outline together today, penned an introduction and the first chapter, totaling some 3,000 words. I’m really happy with the results so far.

I’m not sure how much or how little a book of this kind is going to interest the folks who visit here. I just feel passionately about, so I’m going to do it.

The working title is Reality Check, which is a perfect fit thematically, but is a bit common. I’m sure those words have already been used as titles before now. I’m all ears for an alternative title.

I would like the cover to feature a kitten playing with its reflection in the mirror (i.e. not fully understanding reality), but how I’m going to get a photo of that I’ve no idea.

I want to thank everyone who posted challenging comments to my blog entries over the past year. It’s good to be kept on your toes and also helps me to notice my failure to communicate at times.

The journey is, of course, not over, and probably never will be. I haven’t reached any sort of ultimate conclusion, and I doubt there’s a point where I will say, “I understand it all now. Job done.” So, when is a good time to write a book about the nature of reality? Might as well be now.

3 thoughts on “Writing a new book: Reality Check

  1. I’d certainly be interested in reading it. I know I don’t agree with most of your philosophy, but I still find it interesting and thought provoking.

    Will it be non-fiction? I only ask because I think it might be best told from a fictional point of view, and by that, reach a far bigger audience.

    The story itself might be better understood from a fictional point of view too. The proponent on a quest to find truth, or accidentally stumbling upon it, with your idea of what lies ahead as the ending.

    Also, if it is going to be non-fiction, does that mean your days of fictional writing are over? In the same way that you’ve given up on making horror films, etc?

  2. It will be non-fiction, not so different from my blogging. I’m really not thinking much about audience size. I just feel really motivated to do it this way right now, regardless of who reads it or doesn’t. I’ve a feeling this book is going to pour out of me lightning quick, too.

    I’m pretty sure I’ll continue writing fiction. A follow-up to Chion continues to cook slowly in my imagination.

  3. Richard Flanagan

    Hi Darryl,

    I think it’s a great idea and if there’s ever to be such a book, then you are definately the man to write it.

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