Reality Check cover design

I’ve been spending quite some time scanning through stock images at iStockPhoto, looking for just the right one. Here’s a quick mockup of a useable design. Whether I’ll end up going with this or not, I don’t know. It’s not the sort of design I initially thought I would use, but it’s working for me in a big way.


4 thoughts on “Reality Check cover design

  1. richard flanagan

    Hi Darryl,

    Sorry but I don’t like it at all – it looks like the complete idiots guide to earthquakes or something. Personally, I’d advise you to go with something a bit more personal, a picture of yourself would be a start.

    You pull some great facial expressions in some of your Youtube videos which I think would be far more appropriate on the cover of your book, not to mention amusing for someone glancing at the cover.

    I must admit I have laughed quite often watching you come to terms with telekinesis and probably why so many people enjoy your videos. Without reviewing all of them all over again, I’d go with something like that – a skeptical looking you. Even better, if you could find an artist to do a caricature of yourself with a psi wheel, then that would be great.

    Alternatively, a silhouette of you staring at one of your PSI wheels, or a silhouette of your house in your street and under the stars with strange goings on coming from within. There’s certainly plenty of better things than the one you’ve posted here, but it’s just my opinion.

    Anyway, til the next time ..


  2. Hi, Richard.

    Thanks for the feedback. It’s honest gut reactions like this that I need.

    I was going for the “look beneath the surface” theme with the design, but maybe it doesn’t work.

    I like the idea of a caricature of me doing telekinesis.

  3. I think the only reason it doesn’t quite work, is because the ground is too bare, and it does just look like an earthquake, with the crack.

    Maybe have something inside the crack? Like cogs or something. Or better still, rather than inspecting the ground with a crack in it, how about a cross section of the human brain? With maybe cogs and stuff inside that. After all, what you’ve really been questioning and inspecting is the human condition(ing), and how it’s programmed to be a certain way.

    The problem with making the cover about TK is as soon as you do this, the whole thing becomes about TK, and if I understand right, TK is actually only a very small part of what you’re writing about.

    I really like the little man with a magnifying glass though, there’s something really innocent and inquisitive about it. Like a child finding out about its surroundings. Maybe it’s because the figure has a big head, and looks like a child. But it works.

  4. Yes, I liked the little man for this very reason. There was just something so friendly about him, and that was the feel I wanted.

    Yeah, there’s a number of thing I could put on the ground. I did some experimenting with him standing on a globe of the earth, but it didn’t quite work.

    You’re right about not featuring TK on the cover. It is only as aspect of the book.

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