5 thoughts on “Reality Check cover design – Part II

  1. Hi darry, I’ve watching your videos on youtube and I interested to learn about telekinesis.

    If you’ve a contact at Yahoo Messenger, please PM me.

    My ID is : OknooRap

  2. I don’t think this one puts across the image that you want. This makes me think of us just being robots, with everything around us just being coded by some unseen power.

    However, it might work if you took the little child-like figure from the other cover, and put it on this background (replacing the robot). Keeping the 1s and 0s, etc., maybe even making the background a normal piece of scenery, but through the magnifying glass there’s nothing but 1s and 0s?

  3. I quite liked the robot for the same reason I liked the little man of the previous design: childlike and friendly.

    But the robot also appeals to be on another level. One of the big analogies of the book is about how the physical level of us is very computerlike, with the body being a machine, and the mind being programmable.

    And of course, the 1s and 0s everywhere is a nod to reality having an underlying non-physical mathematical level.

    “However, it might work if you took the little child-like figure from the other cover […] maybe even making the background a normal piece of scenery, but through the magnifying glass there’s nothing but 1s and 0s?”

    Hmm, that could work. Thanks for your feedback.

  4. Trying Harder

    Hi Darryl,

    It does seem rather strange putting this comment on your blog, but I feel that perhaps it is time to put my head over the parapet also …

    Like you I have also experimented with psi wheels, although my approach ( after the initial shock of finding out it worked ! ) was to pile on multiple pyramids of paper onto a pin, and measure the weight against the number of rotations per minute. Being a bit sad I calculated the various weight / rotations per minute ( in excel, aaargh ! ) and obtained a number which I suspect probably defines my, for want of a better phrase, ‘ maximum displacement per second ‘. Clearly a career boxing with aphids beckons…

    All things being equal I did find it an interesting experience, and I have to say it was reassuring to find someone else ( i.e. you ) who was curious enough to start ruthlessly investigating, and actually brave enough to post both in text and in video. I’m glad that someone else thought that GodsPee was pulling the collective leg.

    I have to say that I do find your awakening to the wider reality really fascinating. I don’t pretend to have anything to add to your experience. I can only say that I’m on the same journey. Perhaps you might agree that letting go of the inculcated basis of your worldview is really quite scary – ( me C of E church 3 times a week for 5 years. Consequently it’s taken me well over a decade to attend a church service without projecting my issues all over the place )

    Having read those elements of your perception of ‘reality’ ( apostrophes as an all encompassing highlight ) in terms of a holographic outlook ( and forgive me if I have misconstrued your posts ) – I don’t know if you have read much David Icke.

    Small pause for anti reptilian chorus of laughter. No, I’ve never seen any, and I’m surprised he’s still a financially viable entity considering what he prints. Which is not to say that at least perhaps some of it may be true. Anyway, what I wanted to point you to was a very moving post on the nature of death on his forum.


    There is also a link to the guys website, which is


    On a slightly different tangent, having had largely the same set of experiences as you ( people offloading you because you start questioning the religious norm and querying that which must not be questioned ) I’ve decided to put myself right out there and do a Reiki course.

    Your’re a brave man, and I commend you giving up so much in order to be who you are. Any time you start wondering why you did it, just think of the tens of thousands of people over the last few centuries who didn’t, and the dreams they had that died.

    Concensus begins with a single voice

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