Reality Check draws closer

●●●●●●●● First draft
●●●●●●●● Editing
●●●●●●○○ Book layout
●●●●●○○○ Cover art
○○○○○○○○ Publication

It’s been five or six weeks since I last posted, so I thought I had better let you know I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth. Reality Check is well on the way. My printer is having a special discount for October, so I’m determined to benefit from that by releasing the book within that window. Won’t be long now.

I’ve renamed the chapters to present each one as a challenge to the reader:

1. Shake Your Foundations (unchanged)
2. Rescue Your Mind (was “Religion Unmasked”)
3. Spot the Traps (was “Independent Thought”)
4. Know Yourself (was “What am I?”)
5. Peer Beyond Your Perceptions (was “Where Am I?”)
6. Reconnect Your Intuition (was “Intuition Reconnected”)
7. Expand Your Awareness (was “The Big Picture”)
8. Break the Limits (was “Psychic Surprise”)
9. Take Back Your Responsibility (was “Abnormal Life”)
10. Rewrite Your Programming (was “Bad Programming”)
11. Heal Your Sexuality (was “Sexual Snare”)
12. Make It a Life Worth Living (was “A Life Worth Living”)

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