Reality Check sneak peek

●●●●●●●● First draft
●●●●●●●● Editing
●●●●●●●● Book layout
●●●●●●●● Cover art
●●●○○○○○ Publication

The printing company informed me today that I made a couple of minor hiccups on the cover: (1) I calculated the spine width as 172 pages instead 170; I actually knew this prior to submission but thought the difference was negligible; think again, it seems. (2) I’m also told the black areas on the cover need very specific CMYK values. Aargh! I’ve had to resubmit the cover and pay an extra 22 pounds. Never mind. We’re almost there. I’ll just have to contain this nervous excitement for a few more days.

In the meantime, I think it’s about time I released a little of the book’s content. Here’s a nine-page excerpt: the introduction plus chapter one. Enjoy!

[ Read Exceprt ]

3 thoughts on “Reality Check sneak peek

  1. Well done for getting another project completed. The bit I read looks good.
    I’ll look forward to grabbing a copy when it’s available.

    Whenever I lose a friend to my beliefs I just remind myself that they weren’t my friend after all. It’s tough, I know. Sometimes you look at all the people who are willing to go along with absolutely anything to be popular and it may seem tempting. Just remind yourself that we need people to come out with the radical ideas every now and then. It’s like taxes: no one likes them but someone has to be the taxman. Radical philosophy wouldn’t be radical if the ideas were popular.

    Well done, and best of luck on the release.

  2. You shouldn’t have to pay a revision fee for that, unless it was accepted first before the revision.

    So far as I know–but don’t quote me–you can make as many changes as you need to to correct a for-real problem without cost. It’s only after a proof has been generated or a file has been “accepted” that you need to pay.

    Check with your rep for the rules.

  3. Thank you, Mike. Yours comes free, because you sent me a copy of your book earlier in the year.

    A.P., thanks for letting me know, and turns out your right. There was no charge.

    The proof arrives tomorrow, hopefully!

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