Are we all one consciousness?

Long-term readers might be getting tired of me talking about the subject of “one consciousness,” but I wanted to introduce my YouTube subscribers to this alternative way of thinking. If the idea doesn’t make any sense to you, stick with the video to the end, as I incorporate some visual aids to help you wrap your head around the seemingly contradictory idea that we are all individual and yet we are one …

Oh, and I got word that the proof copy of Reality Check shipped today!


One thought on “Are we all one consciousness?

  1. will says:

    spot on. one conciousness existing for eternity outside of linear time, being both at the beginning of linear time and the end of it all at the same infinite moment. Deja vu? feel like you have been somewhere before? you have, lets call it another life. Know what someone is going to do or say before they say it? intuition? Reincarnation? Past life regression? just remembering a previous incarnation. What about visions of the future? well thats the beauty of existing outside of linear time, you may have lived in the future before you live in the present.
    And many many people sharing the same thoughts on reality. It is said that when a conciousness or soul inhabits a baby at the moment before birth it knows everything and then is wiped from its mind ………. some do remember certain things. Linear time evolution, leonardo davinci… where did his ideas for flying machines and tanks and other mechanisms come from, deep rooted subconcious knowledge of a future existence.
    If you were a lone conciousness existing in eternity, what would you do with it ….. EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING, BE EVERYTHING, ……………………….. you have plenty of time 🙂

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