Reality Check available to order

I received word on Thursday evening that the proof copy of Reality Check had shipped. I hoped it would arrive on Friday, but sadly this was not to be.

However, I needed to order a quantity of the book by 30 October, or else I wouldn’t qualify for the latest promotion, which is 30% off the price for orders of 250 copies or more. This kind of saving was too precious to ignore, so I bulled ahead and ordered 250 books. This means I can pass the benefit of the discount on to readers and keep the cover price low.

So, now that I know the financial situation, and the first print-run is on the way, I can take pre-orders.

The UK price is £3.99 + £1 shipping.
The overseas price $7.99 USD + $5 shipping to anywhere in the world.

I’ll set up PayPal buttons in due course, but if anyone wants to order now, email me at the address below and I’ll generate a PayPal payment request for you, which will allow you to pay using your PayPal account or a credit/debit card (no actual PayPal account required). Your book will go out to you as soon as the shipment arrives (expected mid-November).

2 thoughts on “Reality Check available to order

  1. You’re quite lucky there’s a best selling book by renowned Silicon Valley guru Guy Kawasaki that’s also called Reality Check! You’ll probably get some of his search engine traffic in the goodness of time.

    Not to mention a critically acclaimed young adult novel called Reality Check by Edgar award-winning Peter Abrahams!


  2. I actually hate the fact that I couldn’t think of an original unused title, as I did with my previous books. But Reality Check was just such a perfect fit, given the theme.

    Unfortunately, putting a common term like “reality check” into a search engine means that you’ll get a thousand results quoting the phrase alone, without any relation to anyone’s book.

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