The books are here!

Reality Check is finally in print. A first print-run of 250 copies arrived on Wednesday:


5 thoughts on “The books are here!

  1. Raf says:

    Thanks, you did very well with the name 😉

  2. Darryl Sloan says:

    Yes, I thought that was you. 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying the book.

  3. Daryl Waite says:

    I have stumbled upon you just by searching telekinesis. I believe that the UFT i designed may help to explain some things. Mass = Light Cubed or m=c^3. Physics has played a serious trick on the masses – changing time. Time doesn’t change, but all things change “in” time. This is truly an equation of “Everything” defining mass – the anomaly every “real” thing is assumed to contain. Enjoy…

  4. Daryl Waite says:

    Being from the USA, I stumbled upon the essence of time in what we call “Daylight Savings Time” or spring ahead/fall behind. In the spring everyone in the USA turn their clocks ahead exactly one hour. I asked are we “changing time” or are we just “changing our clocks”. Then I questioned: “when 1 seconds passes, does time change or does everyone’s clock change”. Then i questioned Einstien’s Clock in his time dilation hypothesis – does time slow down or does the clock change? Then i questioned – is the only thing constant the speed of light OR is the only thing constant “change”? The answer is in the website provided…

  5. Daryl Waite says:

    Sorry, cant post website, just google Maat Society – And you’ll find me 🙂

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