Telekinesis in sealed environment, no hands

This is my most convincing demonstration of telekinesis yet and is a serious challenge to sceptics, who often laugh, mock, and offer the most ill-fitting conventional explanations, then walk away without doing any testing. At the very least, this video shows that TK deserves to be taken seriously and investigated properly.


11 thoughts on “Telekinesis in sealed environment, no hands

  1. Adam R. says:

    Hi Darryl,

    Congrats on your telekinesis progress, it’s very impressive compared to what I can do. 🙂

    I sent you an email on 21 November, but I’m not sure whether you received it or not, since I have sent over 5 emails since then to other people, including myself as a test, and none of them arrived in the inbox or junk folders of these individuals. Anyway, below is a shortened, revised version of the original email I sent you about telekinesis, with a few changes here and there.

    Hemispheric dominance

    In addition to focussing your energy towards the object you wish to move, and getting the unconscious to perform the action of telekinesis, I believe there may be another factor that prevents telekinesis from working properly, and that is ‘Hemispheric dominance’.

    I have noticed that whilst performing telekinesis with the Egely wheel that a lot of the time my brain can’t make it’s mind up which direction the wheel should be spinning. For several seconds the wheel will be spinning clockwise, then it will stop and switch directions, then rotate about 5 degrees then change direction again, etc, and this will keep on happening at random intervals when trying to perform telekinesis on it. I noticed this was also happening when I was trying to move foil on water, I got the impression that my brain was constantly switching back and forth between pushing & pulling it, and as a result the foil would not move very far.

    I think the reason this happens is because we are used to moving objects with our physical body, via the left side of the body, the right side, or both sides of the body simultaneously. However, when we perform telekinesis, I think our brains get confused because we aren’t using either sides of our body to move the object, so then there’s a conflict on which brain hemisphere should be used for moving the object. An example of this in action, is if you are successfully rotating the psi wheel for 15 seconds clockwise at a decent speed using your right brain hemisphere, but then all of a sudden the left brain then competes for dominance and as a result the wheel stops moving because the right hemisphere is no longer dominant, the left brain is, and the connection to the wheel gets lost, either that, or the connection to the wheel becomes weaker as the result of the brain hemispheres switching, and then the wheel moves a lot more slowly as a result, and/or changes directions.

    So to help resolve the issue of the brain hemispheres competing for dominance with telekinesis, I suggest you try the visual based exercise at the above URL to learn to manually control which brain hemisphere should be dominant at any one time. Practice keeping the red circle on top of the blue one for several minutes, and then to switch to the blue circle on top for several minutes, without it randomly changing back and forth between the two circles, and then finally practice combining both circles together to perform a cross which remains completely still.

    By mastering the latter version of the exercise (the cross), and training both hemispheres to work together as a team, instead of the brain hemispheres competing for dominance all of the time, this should in theory provide more powerful results with telekinesis, with having both hemispheres working together to move the object, rather than having just one dominant hemisphere moving it. It’s a bit like lifting a heavy object with one arm, against lifting it with both arms, it’s much easier to lift an object with both arms than it is with a single arm.

    I haven’t mastered these exercises yet so I don’t know if it works for improving a persons telekinesis ability. However, my intuition tells me that it should help in some way, at least for helping with concentration on moving the psi wheel.

    You may also want to try some other exercises to help reduce hemispheric dominance, such as using brainwave entrainment (neuro programmer 2) sessions to help syncronise the brain hemispheres, and some ambidextrous training may also help with this hemispheric dominance problem.

    Good luck and peace.

  2. Adam R. says:

    Hi Darryl,

    I feel I should also mention a few dangers to developing telekinetic abilities, which you may, or may not be aware of. I think it’s very important that everyone who tries telekinesis should be aware of the potential consequences/dangers of developing the ability. I myself have cut back on the amount of time I practice telekinesis simply because of the risks involved in doing it. Here are 4 risks I currently know about telekinesis…

    Risk 1: Death = Performing telekinesis affects the Sugar and potassium levels in your blood, and if the levels drop far enough this will result in a cardiac arrest, etc.

    Risk 2: Unintentionally moving an object = This could be a huge problem in public places, where you simply look over at an object and your unconscious decides to move it.

    Risk 3: Harming another person = When we get in an extremely heated argument we may think about harming the person momentarily, but normally we may be able to control ourselves physically, due to distance apart, etc. If you master telekinesis to an advanced level, all it would take is a split second for your unconsious to push someone down the stairs, or burst one of their veins, etc, and you wouldn’t even have to be near them to do it.

    Risk 4: Opening Pandoras Box = Once telekinesis has been mastsered/developed there is no going back. You can’t unlearn the ability, and you will have to deal with whatever negative consequences it may have to offer you.

    That’s about all I can think of just now.


  3. William T says:


    I first want to say that this demonstration is extremely impressive.

    I stumbled across your videos while youtubing telekinesis 6 months ago, after a very vivid dream dealing with TK that inspired me to pursue it in the waking world. Your videos have served as a catalyst in personally observing an incredible phenomenon that I (quite literally) only dreamed possible before viewing. Since watching, I have been able to unlock a tiny portion of the latent psychic ability that you theorize to be inside every one of us. I wish I could fully express my appreciation to you for the impact this has had on my life.

    In regards to this demonstration, I applaud your ability. Having marginal success of my own with the ‘psi-wheel’ I am able to appreciate how difficult this feat truly is. It is hard enough to perform this in solitude, let alone with YouTube watching!

    What I really want to say though is, ‘F**k the haters.’ Those not willing to put the time and effort into seeing noticeable results of their own, thereby quickly dismissing your brave efforts as ‘impossible,’ truly have no leg to stand on. Pay them no mind. There is no need to exhaust mental energy trying to prove something to a skeptic who has no intention of ever changing his mind regardless of what proof is put in front of him. The energy could be better put to use expanding your ability (or writing a novel!) The time will come when legitimate scientific experiments will be performed that will prove telekinesis to be a very observable and very natural occurrence.

    Darryl, you are an inspiration. Thank you for doing what you do.


  4. Luke says:

    Hey darryl,
    I am doing a study on spirits and the paranormal. Would you mind sending me an email so we can chat a little bit about your telekinetic ability? Thank you sir

  5. Reggie says:

    I am practicing TK for about 4 days. i made a square foil for psi wheel but a little bit smaller than you using. and i also do putting a glass bowl. when i start focusing on the square and started to move a little bit in random direction. after doing this practice for about 10-15 min i began to feel head ache. is that bad for me? or its just a part of practicing TK

  6. Jess Bowles says:

    In response to Adam R and his comment:
    I do not understand how accidentally moving an object would really be a risk other than the fact that telekinesis is not something to learn to show your friends, but instead unlock the secrets that the human brain is currently incapable of comprehending. It would indeed, be amusing to watch people squeal as their Starbucks coffee cup slid across the bench in the mall, or their straw suddenly float out of their cup. Please, if you do read this message, explain how this could be a “risk”. Thank you very much!
    I’ve been amazing by what you do so far as I watch your videos. I would like to thank you very much for showing me all that you can do, even without realizing it. I have a question for you though, does the (if you believe in this) sensitivity to spirits, ghosts if you will, influence the capabilities of telekinetic power? Would it possibly strengthen or weaken in? Would it cause you to do more with it or progress faster in the skill? Thanks!

  7. Interesting. I theorised a while back that TK might be caused by a quantum mechanical effect in skeletal muscles as they contract, which relies on K-40 decay.
    As K-40 is a very rare isotope it would be depleted quickly and TK would stop until sufficient dietary potassium was ingested to renew the supply.

    Effectively the decay energy is focussed on the region of interest as an electrostatic field very much like what drives a “Lifter”, which would reduce friction between the two surfaces and allow the object to move.
    Possibly the associated regions of the brain’s motor cortex would act like a lens, explaining how it works for some people and not others and also be dependent on adrenaline aka the “fight or fight” response.

  8. Heya i am for the primary time here. I found this board and I find It really useful & it helped me out much.

    I’m hoping to give something back and help others such as you helped me.

  9. Lara says:

    I have been doing TK for about 2 years. Very small abilities because of not wanting to practice much as I sensed the underlying health side effects (the potassium and sugar depletion as mentioned by Darryl I think) Good site.

  10. Invented a way to test for the ability, essentially by administering a tiny amount of 40K using ion sorting (patent pending) via successive crystallization in anisotropic magnetic gradient field from a superconducting magnet. The catch seems to be that this has other negative effects such as severe fatigue, double vision and other health issues as the human body reacts badly in much the same way as it does to deuterium substitution.

    I actually did test the hypothesis but the effects were bizarre to say the least: massive increase in “unusual” events such as PCs crashing at random, laptop memory got corrupted, etc. Haven’t been brave enough to try again!
    Evidently the Pauli Effect is very real and Pandora’s Box does not do it justice.

  11. DangerDangerHighVoltage says:

    And.. it works! Posting paper soon, I had to dial it down because PCs were crashing on an hourly basis. I did wonder if some cases of inexplicable disappearances could be TK, if they were off course already or flying through turbulence then stress + more than one person with the ability on board could cause unforeseen circumstances.

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