Confronting the fear of hell

What does a Christian do when a loved one, who is not a Christian, dies? I’ve been there. This is my story.

How many Christians truly believe in hell? If they do, why do some shout with compassionless glee, “Turn or burn!” while others express total apathy? How many have a genuine heart-felt conviction about what they claim to believe?

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One thought on “Confronting the fear of hell

  1. mike says:

    Very honest vid. “Repent or burn in hell” for some reason makes me think of 9/11. People who were utterly convinced that they were going to heaven and the people they were killing were destined to hell. When you talk about the “unsubstantiated threats” of such rhetoric, when the belief in heaven or hell – or your asteroid crashing into earth analogy – is taken seriously, people often resort to horrendous acts in order to wake up the world. Islam, as you mention, is its own religion, but as history has proved, fundamentalism is the same across the board.

    If anything, our final moments should be ones of reflection. Have we led good lives? Have we been kind and honest and true to those around us? The idea of heaven and hell is illogical because it assumes we are to be judged on our beliefs, not our deeds. Christians are taught that belief or repentance is a scapegoat. It’s ridiculous because it paints God as a vain, flawed entity, treating every soul like a potential follower on a Facebook site. Priests have used this tenant to abuse their position; serial killers to seek absolution.

    Your mother was undoubtedly a good person and that’s all we could ever wish for from others and ourselves.

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