Albert Einstein on telepathy

Einstein wrote a preface to the book “Mental Radio” (1930) by Upton Sinclair, expressing his respect for the author’s research into telepathy.

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One thought on “Albert Einstein on telepathy

  1. Rodrigo says:

    Very interesting…. i always thought about those “tests” that the ‘psychic’ shouldnt
    see whats in the envelope, but the read the mind of the person watching the contents.

    There are some tests over the internet that bypass the ‘observer’ so I think they
    may be bogus.

    Also, when I was young I could almost finish the sentences of my friends, and vice-versa.
    SO this is very intriguing… I think friendship ‘opens’ some channels, and if the discourse
    is engagin and authentic the focusing of both consciousness can create a walkable path.

    😉 Who knows? Psychology doesnt acknowledge several things that some people decode
    properly… I know that if I went to a psychologist she well call me delusional, paranoic.


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