A challenge to Christians

I challenge Christians to look squarely at the Old Testament accounts of the killing of men, women, children & infants, as commanded by the Lord (1 Samuel 15). Can we reconcile the actions of the God of Israel with the God of Christianity?

Part 1:

(WARNING: Part 2 contains photographic images of dead children, which some viewers may find disturbing. These images are not included gratuitously; they are for the purpose of helping viewers to face reality.)

Part 2:

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6 thoughts on “A challenge to Christians

  1. Chris says:


    You and your readers may be interested in this blog post from Msgr. Charles Pope over in the Archdiocese of Washington:


    You may also appreciate his candor in the comments. He’s definitely not afraid to face the fact that God ordered the Ban which included the slaughter of innocents.

  2. Chris says:

    Also, the links offered in this comment on the above post provide some interesting thoughts:


    And, for completeness (even though I know you don’t necessarily like it), I would also like to refer your readers to Fr. Robert Barron’s homily on “The Struggle with Amalek” wherein he discusses the spiritual significance of 1 Samuel 15:


  3. Darryl Sloan says:


    The article by Msgr. Charles Pope is the singularly clearest and most honest handling of this issue I have yet read by any Christian. This essay cuts through all of the BS excuses and gets right to the heart of the matter.

    As a Christian, I think he chooses the most tenable position, what he calls the argument from authority. All of the others are easily dispensed with, and he does. Ultimately, his final stance doesn’t satisfy me, but credit where credit’s due for his clarity, and for being honest about how uncomfortable it is for a Christian to contend with this.

  4. Chris says:

    Hi Darryl,

    Ultimately, his final stance doesn’t satisfy me […]

    Sure, but I would hope that his article would at least satisfy you that Christians do think about this issue, and we do have answers that are adequately explanatory and consistent with the rest of the Christian worldview and theology, even if they don’t appeal to you personally.

    Out of curiosity, and for the other readers, what is it that you find dissatisfying about Msgr. Pope’s final stance on the matter?

  5. Darryl Sloan says:


    I don’t want to engage in another repeat debate with you here, but I will at least answer your question. My problem continues to be the same as the cornerstone of my video: God’s ethics change by the most drastic of degrees with the passage of time, both in his own actions and in the actions he demands of his people – to the point where the God of the New Testament is unrecognisable from the God of the early Old Testament. This schism I cannot reconcile.

  6. Chris says:


    No, I don’t want to engage in another debate with you here. Thanks for answering.

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