Individuality versus herd mentality

We all need to do our own thinking and stop giving blind trust to religions, or even to truth-seekers that we’ve grown to respect. The advantage of figuring out a truth for yourself is that you don’t merely believe it, you own it …

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One thought on “Individuality versus herd mentality

  1. A.P. Fuchs says:

    I’m all for someone searching for the truth, however, you say you found truth, I say I found truth–who’s right?

    Unfortunately, there is no such thing as individual truth otherwise you’re right, I’m right, Bob and Joe are right, even a baby who doesn’t think like we do is right about how he/she sees the world.

    You mention about reading something that doesn’t make sense to you so you don’t go there. Making sense or not, though, would not truth be truth because truth is truth regardless of how you or I feel/think about it? The statement that some people throw around, “Well, that may be true for you but it isn’t true for me,” doesn’t hold any water because, as said, if something’s true it’s true and that’s it.

    And you’re right, the Gospel is ugly. It’s blunt. It challenges the very want of someone to do their own thing. What’s interesting though, in terms of the Bible’s dos and don’ts, is that the “don’ts” are simply things that aren’t good for you. I’ve yet to learn of a sin that is good for me. If you know of one, I want to know.

    But to correct you, it’s not based on information from 2000 years ago, though I understand how you came to that conclusion. As mentioned previously, this “information” isn’t from a book. Christianity would exist just fine without the Bible because God’s God paper or not. It’s experiential–the Gospel, Christianity–and I’m not talking about various supernatural occurrences, though they do happen. I’m talking about geniune interaction with Christ Himself on a daily basis. This is why Christians are aggressive. They know that it’s life or death at stake. They know Christ is real because they interact with Him as authentically as you and I are interacting now. This seems like a closed argument to many, as in “you can’t say you have a special experience therefore you know, but because I don’t I’m wrong.” If I go to your house, come inside and tell you it’s cold outside and there’s a biting wind and you haven’t been outside all day to verify it, would you believe me or say, “Well, it’s true it’s cold outside for you, but not for me”? Yes, you can go outside and double check to verify my information. This is one of the things Christians hope with sharing the Gospel: that you will check it out.

    Either that, or the few hundred million of us are all liars and under control of something/one else.

    I say the above not to preach, but to clarify the presentation of the Gospel as stated in this video.

    Also, the reason for Hell (though never intended for man but for the devil and the angels that followed him) is that, simply put, it’s separation from God. If a person chooses to be separate from God in this life, He’ll give them what they want in the next. It isn’t cruel. If a person doesn’t want to have anything to do with Him, He’ll give them that after repeated attempts at a relationship. Love doesn’t force itself. God has many facets to His character and love is just one of them. The part that folks don’t like to hear is the justice side where we all are held into account. Actually, God wouldn’t be loving if He didn’t hold us into account because what kind of parent would let their child’s crimes slide?

    I agree. Religion is about controlling others. I’m with you 100% about the “religion of individual thinking.” That’s a good thing. Folks should think what they want and, in most places, they can openly express that individual thinking. My only thing is that, sure, think what you want, but make sure it’s true. Why think stuff that isn’t? Unless you chalk it up to fantasy, of course.

    Hope that made sense.

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