Why you’ll never win a debate against religion

When a person has a rigid, unchangeable belief system, it is pointless to debate with him, because he will surely find a way to defend what he believes to his own satisfaction – by grabbing hold of the closest weak argument and not allowing himself to think too deeply …

To see this mindset in action across the broad spectrum of religion, I recommend checking out Bill Maher’s documentary Religulous. Watch it online via the link below.

[ Link ]


3 thoughts on “Why you’ll never win a debate against religion

  1. Chris says:

    With respect to the recommendation to check out “Religulous”, anyone who’s interested in hearing a Christian’s perspective on this movie should check out the following review on YouTube from Fr. Robert Barron:

  2. Robert Miller says:

    Also –

    Crawley and Co. on Radio Ulster’s Sunday sequence program reviewed Religulous and suggested Bill Maher was not very interested in looking at the more moderate sensible approaches to religion that are out there (I believe he interviews the Vatican’s leading astronomer and moves on very quickly)- hardly balanced journalism.

    Co-incidentally, if on the subject of infanticide, say two certain children were killed under such a scheme, A. Hitler and J. Stalin would countless millions of lives not have been saved. The people who brought these men to power were also as culpable in their evil deeds, so had they also been removed but is the life of one person directly equal to the life of another (an eye for an eye and all that)?

    Also you aren’t saying much about a catastrophic flood that would also be construed as infanticide?

    Just thinking ……

  3. Robert Miller says:


    so had they also been removed but

    Should read

    so had they also been removed would that not have prevented such holocausts? But

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