Our relationships with animals

What should mankind’s relationship with animals be like? It depends on how you view mankind – rulers of the earth at the top of the food chain, or one with everything in partnership with nature.

Part 1:

Part 2:


One thought on “Our relationships with animals

  1. Claire says:

    Not sure about the animals dying in “a great deal of agony”. By law they have to be stunned unconscious and insensible to pain before their throat is cut, unless it is for Halal or Kosher slaughter.

    Of course it is true that there are, appalingly, slaughterhouses with shoddy practices where stun to stick intervals are abysmally long and/or they do a bodger’s job of cutting, leaving the animal to die slowly rather than bleed out quickly, but the fact remains that we have the technology (and in theory are legally required to use it) to make slaughter physically painless.

    Of course the animals may still suffer psychologically, especially if the slaughterhouses are designed in such a way as to confuse and frighten the animals (which is also not a neccesary part of the slaughter process).

    I do have to say that some animals headed for our plate don’t seem to fare so well. Fish take ages to die a cruel and painful death, and it can’t be much fun being a lobster if you are boiled alive either.

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