Nature’s lesson on the pursuit of wealth

I recount three experiences from my past that helped me to see the true wealth of the natural world. It reveals the futility of the accumulation of material wealth, upon which we tend to place so much importance.

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4 thoughts on “Nature’s lesson on the pursuit of wealth

  1. Rodrigo says:


    Thanks for this man, I was feeling struggled and tired and bored… you brought me back. The sand castle is a great example… how many of those we build each year? I dont know.

    I really think that the CS (control system) keeps us in the ‘future loop’ of the fear of ‘not having enough to’ be a complete consumer,er .. person. 😉 This is a very complicated matter, but I guess the key here is “enjoy the moment” = “buy products”.

    Sadly, I guess this cycle of boredom / amazement of the CS is how the herd mentality is ‘glued’ to the monetary system of compliance for obedience reward (tedious jobs = vacation, things that you own that ‘define you’).

    To keep in the now: just breath, close your eyes and say the magic word: YES!

  2. MikeMachina says:

    Honestly, conspiracy theories remind me of three things:

    Conspiracies just don’t work. The Catholic Church used to essentially rule the world – and look what happened to it: it fragmented and people created their own church. The British Empire used to rule the world: its colonists fragmented and made their own country. The only truth to conspiracy theories is yes, people love power. But that causes infighting, destabilization, uprisings, etc, and things fall apart and create a power vacuum, and someone else steps in.

    If a world-government did exist, we would have known about it by now because someone would have defected and been like, “Hey guys, these guys over here run the world! You should overthrow these tyrants!” in order to take the spot for themselves.

    As for occultists being the ones responsible, trying to organize occultists of any kind to do anything together is like herding cats. Same thing – everyone wants to play High Priest or President or World Leader or whatever.

    There is no way a single group of people could run the entire world.

    What’s sad is people don’t realize the next closest thing is that gigantic global businesses pretty much dictate the movement of the world’s economy. Not because they are controlling the world or because they’re conspiring against us; they just want to maximize their profits, and they do that by cooperating with certain companies and boxing out others. They have no interest in world control because there’s less money in it than just leaving the system as it is, and making money where they can.

    Also, that whole chemtrail thing is TOTAL garbage. The only thing that comes out the back of airplanes is water, CO2, unburnt hydrocarbons, and residue. That’s what clouds are made of.

    Again, what people fail to realize is that coal power plants release 3x (or more) the natural level of uranium into the downwind landscape around them. Whether that has any health effects is debatable, but I don’t know why the chemtrail crazies haven’t latched onto it because it’s radiation, which people are already paranoid about.

    We landed on the moon. Period.

    The one thing that’s a little odd is the 9/11 thing, only in that Building 7 does not seem like it should have fallen the way it did, given the extent of its structural damage. Does that mean it’s a conspiracy by the US government involving explosives? Probably not. Was it maybe not quite built up to code? Probably. But as I mentioned before: it took 2 people who knew about the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinski affair to blow (lol) that whole thing wide open (that’s what she said). How many insiders would there have to have been on a 9/11 inside job? Hundreds, if not thousands. Again, people like power, people like attention, people like the spotlight on them. SOMEONE would have squalked.

    And no, I’m not advocating ‘for the man.’ I am a twenty-something chemistry and psychology student, a psychic, a parapsychologist, an occultist, and general knowledgeable person.

  3. Darryl Sloan says:

    Hi, Mike.

    There are people who live for conspiracy theories, and who lap it all up like juicy gosspip. This is, of course, an attitude of mind that will not guide you to a true picture of what’s happening in the world.

    But equally wrong is when the pendulum swings so far in the opposite direction that the word “conspiracy” immediately gets people rolling their eyes and being dismissive without looking at evidence. We all know that politics and lies go hand in hand. Surely then it’s not much of a stretch to conceive that, in world affairs, some things may be done in secret for ulterior motives.

    A year ago, if you said that carbon emissions weren’t repsonsible for global warming, you would have been labelled a conspiracy theorist. Today, even in the mainstream news, all the global warming propaganda of recent years is all falling apart.

  4. Mark Wilkinson says:


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