Do occultists rule the world?

My starting point in answering this question is a look at the symbol of the pyramid & all-seeing eye from the Great Seal of America, its Freemasonic origins, its usage by British Intelligence MI5, and the Freemasons’ connection to the occult. What are the implications of joining these very obvious dots?

A look at the Freemasonic symbol of the two pillars & the chessboard floor, and its connection to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the primary source of modern magic. The Golden Dawn, in turn, draws its esoteric knowledge from ancient Egypt. This all connects, via Freemasonry, to high positions of power in world affairs. If magic(k) is real, what are the implications for the rule of the world?

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6 thoughts on “Do occultists rule the world?

  1. If occultists rule the world, I’ve obviously missed the memo on this….


  2. Henry Baum says:

    My answer to – “Do Occultists rule the world?” – is, “I hope so.” Occultism shouldn’t be linked to Satanism because that just puts it in a Christian framework, and as you’ve pointed out, that framework is dubious. Though the Occult’s gotten a bad rap, it can be seen as a more-honest view of spirituality, encompassing an attempt to contact and maybe harness the spiritual world without being too beholden to one dogma. Manley Palmer Hall’s Secret Teaching of All Ages, for example, encompasses a wide range of knowledge – and he was a Freemason.

    All I know is that I’d much rather have world leaders driven by the Occult than a Book of Revelation-brand Christianity. The Occult has the potential to be a hell of a lot healthier than that – it’s not just a system of dark or “black” magic.

  3. Darryl Sloan says:

    Hi, Henry.

    Esoteric knowledge is just knowledge, and like any knowledge it can be used for good or bad purposes. One example is “hypnosis,” which I’ve studied a little. I see the principles of hypnosis played on us every day through television advertising, and yet many a person has been helped by hypnotherapy.

    My worry is that the true situation may be that that those in charge of world affairs use esoteric knowledge for very selfish and ignoble purposes.

    Manly P. Hall paints a picture of secret societies of philosophers dedicated to looking after the world through the ages. But I have to wonder if this situation got hijacked and turned upside down at some point. I’m not well read enough yet to have any firm convictions about the big picture.

  4. And the truth is that those in charge of world affairs use esoteric knowledge for very selfish and ignoble reasons….

    And very selfless and noble ones….

    And many just lump along in ignorance of the whole metaphysical side of things.

    Esoteric folks are just like non-esoteric ones in some ways. Some are kind and giving, some are cruel and predatory, and most fall somewhere in between.

    And the energetic balance in the Universe continues a dynamic balance as it always ha- sometimes tipping to one side, sometimes the other…

    The question always remains ” Which side do you chose to put your energy on?….”


  5. NoName says:

    At first I didn’t believe occultists ruled the world, but now that you put it that way, I guess I have no choice but to believe that they do. I DO however believe there are people other than the government running round with such power, they live among the rest of the people but only use their power to get what they want. Most people refuse to believe that the powers you had mentioned such as telekinesis exists, because the people who master it tend to keep it more to themselves than share it with the public.

    Some movies make strong facts about just how the world would end up if every one mastered those kinds of abilities, it would lead to nothing more than chaos and destruction. So its best things remain the way they are, where people don’t believe and refuse to learn these supernatural powers. If humans cannot learn to respect each other and they are always competitive (the way they are today, fighting, wars, wanting control over everything, ect…), they will only use that power in order to destroy themselves. I am not saying anything against you for wanting to share your knowledge with the world, because that is fine.

    I even tried to share something simular with other people, but they too did not believe me either. At first I was furious how they took me for some joke and mocked me, but then later I began to realize something. Those people who I spoke to… were stubborn and arrogant. So if they did pick up on what I was trying to teach them, im sure they would have cause a lot of trouble for the innocent. This is why I say, those people who do not believe are better off not knowing anything at all. For the people who do believe, it is all for the better of this world.

  6. Don’t want to give offense but while I think that some political leaders may have occult or metaphysical knowledge, I don’t honestly think that occultists rule the world. If this were the case, society would be more accepting of and knowledgeable of magick,metaphysics and psychic phenomena.

    Also, functioning as a political leader is a full-time job. Learning and practicing the occult sufficiently to gain such leadership would take major time and effort.Doing both together would be back-breaking.

    Movies about the chaos ensueing from people having such powers are like most movies-exaggerated to make a better story. Truthfullly, like the I-Pad, those who are ready for occult abilities will develop them and those who aren’t, won’t

    The truth is that people who actually possess and use such powers tend to be more likely to use them to help their garden grow better or to know when their children need help.There are some jerks practicing with powers, but, from personal observation, this rarely works out well for them in the long term (the use of magick for evil purposes,like juggling hand grenades, largely tending to be a self- correcting problem….)

    Don’t believe occultists rule the world

    And I’m speaking from personal experience

    professional psychic

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