Not-so-dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove

A critical review of Alex Jones’s documentary “Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove.” I look in detail at the grove’s “Cremation of Care” ritual and challenge Jones’s assertions of mock human sacrifice and the worship of Molech.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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2 thoughts on “Not-so-dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove

  1. Henry Baum says:

    Good stuff. Alex Jones is a propagandist who gives conspiracy theorists a bad name by being so un-sober about these subjects. That said, I think there’s something profoundly weird about the Bushes and others getting together and having rituals like this. Even if it’s not human sacrifice, and just a way to let off steam, Alex Jones didn’t have to add a lot of scary music to convey the downright weirdness of that scene.

    And I do think there’s something potentially black-magical about it. Not that they’re consciously worshiping “Lucifer” – that’s just it, it’s unconscious, they don’t know what they’re doing. It all has a slightly sinister and forbidden vibe, and they’re experiencing it together, so maybe when these captains of industry do go back to the financial industry, they might feel somewhat justified in doing something that’s personally fulfilling (money) but ultimately destructive. So there is a kind of conspiracy there, but not one that’s passed around like a business plan. A theory, b/c at root a bunch of rich conservatives playing pagan dress-up is weird no matter how you look at it.

  2. Darryl Sloan says:

    I’ll grant you it’s a bit weird. The weirdest thing for me is the effort that must have been spent in constructing that owl – that’s a lot of effort for a single annual ceremony. But then, they are rich. 🙂

    I’ve been reading Anton LaVey’s (Church of Satan founder) books lately, and I’m beginning to understand the concept of ritual as what he calls “psychodrama.” The rituals described in detail in his book The Satanic Rituals are all borrowed from here, there and everywhere, and some of them sound a bit like the Cremation of Care in tone. Many of the rituals are designed purely to affect the emotional and psychological state of the participants; the same can be said of the Cremation of Care. So, in that sense, the ritual is occult.

    LaVeyan Satanism invokes a whole pantheon of names in its rituals, but views these all metaphorically/symbolically. Again, the same could be said of the Cremation of Care. They do not believe they are communicating with an actual spirit in the Owl of Bohemia, but the use of this symbolism allows them to collectively get something off their chest in a way that is more powerful than one guy simply saying to another, “Hey, Jack, great to get away from the job and the family for a few weeks, isn’t it?” Likewise, the visible effigy-burning has the same purging emotive effect.

    Satanic ritual goes one step further in that the emotion created in the ritual chamber is allegedly used to affect reality beyond it’s confines, such as in the throwing of a curse, or equally a compassion ritual.

    Regarding the Cremation of Care, I don’t see anything more sinister than a collective celebration of the casting off of earthly responsibility for a period.

    The reason why the Bohemian Club member are so comfortable with this kind of ritual perhaps has its roots in the occult traditions of Freemasonry, with which they would probably be familiar.

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