A scary “supernatural” experience

‘Nuff said. Watch the video.

Check out my review of Robert Bruce’s Practical Psychic Self-Defense (discussed in the video) below.

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8 thoughts on “A scary “supernatural” experience

  1. Phil Henry says:

    Interesting story, Darryl, but I’m not fully convinced by your conclusion. If you don’t trust your perception, how can say anything is real (or unreal)? If you don’t trust your sight to convey to you what is real, by the same rationale you could convince yourself all sorts of things are real primarily because you HAVEN’T seen them?

    It is quite possible what you saw you saw because you were hovering between dream and reality, but I can’t attribute all supernatural experience to this state. I believe I’ve seen a ghost (don’t know if I’ve told you this story before) and I was in the car driving at the time, so nowhere near sleeping. But I defintley saw it, plain as day one second, gone the next. I think claiming all these sightings are hallucinations is a bit short sighted. You claim supernatural events are extremely rare, maybe they’re not. Maybe most people, like you, just convince themselves it never happened so they’ll sleep better.

    Anyway, just my 2p’s worth – don’t have nightmares. 🙂

    BTW have you seen Donnie Darko? Maybe you’re time travelling.

  2. Groff says:

    Congrats Darryl, you literally escaped the matrix!

    My wife can have astral real vision from time to time, and she saw the same thing as you.

    When I was OBEíng for the first time I saw them sucking my wife too. Terrifying experience, but
    in that experience it was eartyhbound plain human, with a red glowing aura reaching a hand
    towards her body. I saw for a fraction of a second and bounced back to mmy body. She was in
    another room and came back screaming. 5 secs later she was in deep sleep.

    You know, the very denying and fear that you have SCREAMS to me like a parasite mental
    conection (like we ALL share with them, they are our gate keepers from our matrix (government)
    life. Althought you think and feel you must go ‘scientific’ and attribute to ‘hallucinations’
    (the parasite redirects you) there is a VERY real and infinite part of you is giving you proof of the astral prision and for that little time you were free (the astral double) while the neg
    was going for your etheric energy body (its food).

    This is the door you must cross. Im dead serious: those of us that understand TK are glowing
    in the darks of the ‘soul camps’ of the world. You must resist, investigate.

    You know, I myself sometimes had stranger thoughts that “all this is bogus”, “im getting
    nowhere”…. this is the parasite connection afraid of loosing power over us.

    You are at the verge. Icke and soo many other said about them (reps, negs)… do you think
    you are safe? no one is safe untill you can OBE and create your own psychic shielding – not either prey or predator, but a free spirit.


  3. Darryl Sloan says:

    Sorry, Rodrigo, but what I experienced simply was not an entity. I’m not being dogmatic about this, nor am I disregarding the idea of entities existing beyond human sight. I just know myself quite well, and trust me, the experience I had was a typical hallucination – one of many that I’ve had, just a little freakier than most. Within a few minutes of having it, I was back in bed getting to sleep.

    My analysis of this isn’t based on being afraid to believe in it. I’m just being objective.

  4. Darryl Sloan says:

    Hi, Phil.

    “You claim supernatural events are extremely rare, maybe they’re not. Maybe most people, like you, just convince themselves it never happened so they’ll sleep better.”

    Sure, I sleep better, but that’s besides the point. The real question is, am I capable of any objectivity on this? Because if had taken the opposite stance and claimed this was real, you can bet your ass somebody is going to say, “You just want to believe in this because it validates your views about a multi-dimensional reality.”

    Damned if I do, damned if I don’t.

    “don’t have nightmares. :-)”

    I never do … as long as I stay away from scary books like Practical Psychic Self-Defense. 🙂

    “BTW have you seen Donnie Darko?”

    Several times. Great movie!

  5. Groff says:

    “am I capable of any objectivity on this?”

    Of coooooourse Daryl! If you meditate and keep your mind awake while the body sleeps you can
    perceive things from a natural high-conscience, where both halves of your brain are functioning
    better (alfa, theta) whilst shutting off all the ‘space suit’ that is reserved for survival.

    Thing is, most of us things that the BETA state of mind is conscience. I agree, but is just
    a low level of consciousness.

    BUT If you think you were hallucinating (chemical disbalance), go see a doctor.

    “Damned if I do, damned if I don’t.”

    Oh, common. Like we give a shait about “the fallen”.
    Supression of opinion is not freedom.

    “I never do … as long as I stay away from scary books like Practical Psychic Self-Defense.”

    Yeah, and dont forget the movie “Paranormal activity”. I couldnt sleep for 2 days.. my niece
    does that kind of staring while she is sonambulous.


  6. Phil Henry says:

    “The real question is, am I capable of any objectivity on this?”

    I think you’re being too objective in this case. My point was if you aren’t going to trust your eyes when you experience something, what IS going to convince you you’ve experienced something?

    I don’t think a lot of ghosts/entities/whatevers are going to wait around while you get your video camera.

    I agree if you fell on the side of supernatural a lot of people would see it as self-promotion, but you either saw something or you didn’t. I’ve come in for my fair share of ridicule when I tell my ghost story, but it happened. Fact. I can’t change that. All I can do is tell my story and let people make up their own minds. I think you’ve just decided it’s easier to convince yourself it didn’t happen than try to convince everyone else it did.

    And you’re probably right.

  7. Darryl Sloan says:

    “I don’t think a lot of ghosts/entities/whatevers are going to wait around while you get your video camera.”

    Therein lies the problem with so many claims of paranormal activity. This is why I like the TK stuff so much, precisely because you can produce physical evidence that can be captured on camera, and is repeatable.

    If I had been left with some weird mark on my chest, or even if I had experienced some kind of strange sensations during my “vision,” I would probably be telling a different story. As it stands, merely one of my senses was playing tricks on me at a moment when tricks tend to be played on us (the line between sleeping and waking). That’s the only data I have, and the conclusion seems fairly obvious.

    I have my own ghost story too. When I was about 12, one dark evening, I was playing with mates in a construction site. I was walking through a partially built house when I looked up at the open attic and saw a guy with blond hair, in his late teens, grinning down at me. For some reason his presence scared the life out of me. I yelled, “Khris! There’s somebody in the roofspace! Run!” And I bolted. Khris ran after me. But there was nobody in that house but us. I could believe I saw I ghost, but I don’t.

    That said, I could tell you another story about a guy who saw something weird, and he was with another guy who saw something different and even weirder – at exactly the same time.

  8. Rodrigo Silva says:

    Well I’m from Brasil and I’ve had many paranormal experiences since I was a little kid. Not only visual experiences but material experiences too. I could tell you guys some of my stories some other time. I’ve looked at your website because I am very interested in telekinesis and I want to learn. My mom is a spiritual shaman and she works at an Orisha house down here. Since I was a kid I was involved with these kind of things bc of my mom. She receives entities and communicates with us, giving advices and answering questions. When I became an adult I’ve started to question my beliefs about her religion and all of these spiritual activities. I’ve started to deny them and believe that it is just illusions, but lately I am becoming more sensitive and experiencing unusual things again. I’ve started to attend the reunion they have every week but I am still not convinced that all of that is real. Do any of you know anything about it??

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