Telekinesis: Does distance matter?

The results of my ongoing experiments with telekinesis have strongly indicated that the proximity of my body to the object affects success. The most recent results, however, cast some doubt on that theory:

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15 thoughts on “Telekinesis: Does distance matter?

  1. Groff says:

    Hey Darryl

    Nice to see this new exp of yours… i had to gave my cam away to
    my parents, but now I see the value of recording exps. I will buy
    a new one for sure.

    My current (condensed) theory revolves around:

    -Just like OBE projects full consciousness into a vessel, TK projects
    partial consciousness into an “effect” area;
    -This effect area could be readed as projected PSI;
    -Projected PSI is like the mind-split effect Robert Bruce defends on
    his astral dynamics book, it is a copy of consciouness and has a
    time limit AND psychic connection AND a ‘life’ of its own;
    -IMHO projected psy is supported by belief and this belief integrity
    holds the link functional through the whole energy body, but its not
    bound to distance limits (as you proved);
    -As a side effect of a copy of consciousness is the process continues
    its INTENTION after the commands are prompted by the person, almost
    like a different ‘entity’, or poltergeist.

    To me, its like a miniature shell of conscience running by the belief
    and the intention from the psychic charge into an area, started by
    a left-brain mental command that will acchieve a purpose.

    The fact that strong mental process block TK is somewhat my proof
    that belief and intention are in place, but the mental command
    (reasoning) must be in the mix to ignite and form this projected
    shell of PSI. Too much commands kills the cumplicity as the right
    dosage must come from both.

    Thats my current perception. I was checking again PSIPOG and thats
    closely what the consensus of articles say, as you leverage intention
    with contemplation in the sweet spot where TK happens.


  2. Mick Rooney says:


    Have you considered sources of very low vibration as an influence?

  3. Darryl Sloan says:

    Hi, Mick.

    I’ve considered it, but I don’t know what those sources could be. My area is a cul-de-sac with little traffic. You can hear a couple of cars passing in the video, but these certainly don’t reflect the duration of the experiment. All nearby electrical equipment was off (save for the camcorder, which was both hand-held and on the table during the experiment). The washing machine was off.

  4. Darryl Sloan says:

    Hi, Groff.

    Your theory might have some merit. Definitely worth thinking about.

  5. Groff says:


    please use (from now on) a paper wheel (you dont have the
    constant ‘magnetic explanation’) or multiple paper wheels.


    try the rolling pen in the hand. At your current level
    should be fairly ease.


  6. Michael Reed says:

    You can reveal very low frequencies by recording sound and then speeding it up. I remember some people in a home recording group doing it for some reason.

  7. Daniel Cobus Niemeier says:

    I think that is spins when you leave (even better) becouse your still thinking about it when you are absent from the wheel.

  8. Raf says:

    Hi Darryl,

    It can be water running under your house or other phenomenon related to where you are. Try in an other room, possibly far from this one or in another location if it is possible.

    Best regards


  9. Raf says:

    Also could you use a blanket under the bowl like you once did to exclude possible micro air movements from outside.

  10. ergaister says:

    Saw that video about spinning the psiwheel at a distance to test if distance matters… and even though it’s a nice experiment, why don’t you expand it a little bit?

    Like for instance, some people do it with a friend’s psiwheel on the other side of the planet just to show that it works independently of space.

    That would be a great idea for one of your future posts, wouldn’t it?

    Would you be able to come up with an experiment to figure out if telekinesis works independently of space and time?

    Of course there’s a possibility that you might get to the end of the experiment with even bigger questions than what you began, such as “what is space and what is time?”

    Hope you find this comment constructive and keep it up because there’s still lots of stuff ahead to discover.

  11. David says:

    What’s that constant noise in the background that sounds like an electric shaver? And what’s the little black circular object on the underside of the table top when you briefly point the camera under the table?

  12. Darryl Sloan says:

    Hi, David.

    It’s the tape in the camera; crappy mic picks up everything. And that’s a screw-head.

  13. Sandy says:

    Distance shouldn’t matter when it comes to pk, but it does for psychological reasons. I find it seems easier when I’m closer, but I have been working on distance too.

  14. phabee says:

    hi darryl
    did you try what Groff suggested? i’d really wonder, how i.e. two adjacent psi-wheels would behave, when located beneath the same or even separate glass bowls. would they be confused about which wheel is ‘meant’ or perform synchronous / asynchronous movements? what happens, when you separate the bowls into two different rooms, cities etc? i mean, if the distance doesn’t matter, how does one psi wheel of multiple psi wheels on the world know, when it is meant to move… i’m not yet able to answer / try to answer that question on my own, but you probably can.

  15. zcore101 says:

    hey i saw your youtube video and at first me being a boy (im only 12) of science thought you were a fake but when i heard your stories i believed you i also practice hypnosis and when i heard your theories ive had the exact same ones myself and i was hoping you could reply and teach me a bit more about the psi wheel

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